Miss Morrissey, is Either a Female Version, of John Rambo, or as the Defence Lawyer, Stated, Gardai, may have used, Excessive Force, To be Continued?

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Dublin motorist ‘twisted garda’s testicles’, and called officers ‘bunch of retards’, court told

Moira Morrissey (53) also allegedly called another garda ‘bimbo bitch’ and kicked her ‘full-force in the chest’

Moira Morrissey pleaded not guilty when she appeared in court
Moira Morrissey pleaded not guilty when she appeared in court

20th October 2022

A driver arrested on suspicion of drink driving allegedly grabbed and squeezed a garda in his crotch after she tried to leave a garda station, a court has heard.

Moira Morrissey (53) is also accused of assaulting two other gardaí, and allegedly told a doctor he was “an uneducated fool who could not speak proper English”. Judge John Brennan adjourned the case for continued hearing.

The accused, of Lynwood, Dundrum, pleaded not guilty to failing to provide a specimen to gardaí and three counts of assaulting gardaí.

Blanchardstown District Court heard evidence that gardaí were on patrol on the N3 on December 28, 2020, when they stopped Ms Morrissey on suspicion of drink driving. She was taken to Finglas garda station, where she became agitated and tried to leave.

A garda alleged Ms Morrissey tried to push past him and swung her hand back, and he ducked as he thought she was going to hit him.

He turned Ms Morrissey toward the wall, holding her arm, and with her other hand she twisted and pulled his testicles and penis, he said.

He cried out in pain and his colleagues helped bring Ms Morrissey to the ground and forced her to release her grip.

A second garda alleged he was kicked in the shin by Ms Morrissey. He also claimed she told him she hoped he died “painfully in front of your family with cancer”, and called officers a “bunch of retards”.

Another garda said she brought Ms Morrissey to a cell, where the accused called her a “bimbo bitch” and kicked her “full-force in the chest”.

Ms Morrissey was then taken to the doctor’s room, where she allegedly called him “an uneducated fool who could not speak proper English”, and said, “I’ll take the disqualification, now f**k off you stupid c**t”.

In cross-examination, Glenn Lynch BL, put it to gardaí that they had been unsympathetic toward Ms Morrissey, and their use of force was excessive. Gardaí denied this.

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