From the Cedar Lounge, Interesting Point, the Two Marc MacSharrys, well, it is a little Confusing, but, one Marc Mac Sharry, was willing to Rejoin the FF Failed Party, and got Shafted? Chambers is only in FF a wet Month, and has a Fucking High Opinion, of Himself; well Castleknock Boy, what would you Expect? FF always held Grudges, Corkonians especially?

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Am I missing something?

WorldbyStorm Oct 21 There’s news that a TD, named Marc MacSharry, is attempting to rejoin Fianna Fáil. Something of a controversy about it because apparently:Government Chief Whip Jack Chambers has said he “would not speculate” on any issues related to Marc MacSharry being readmitted to the Fianna Fáil party.A motion for Deputy MacSharry to return after his resignation a year ago had been unopposed two weeks earlier.He had been expected to be readmitted at a Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting last night, but it is understood TDs, MEPs and Senators were told an issue had arisen, and accordingly, Deputy Chambers was not in a position to bring the relevant motion to members.It is believed the “issue” is some form of complaint made against Mr MacSharry in recent days. But this is very strange because this TD who wishes to ‘return’ to FF, shares a name with another Marc MacSharry, also a TD, who left Fianna Fáil last year. This latter MacSharry had harsh words about that party. Very harsh indeed. He claimed about Fianna Fáil that:“All Fianna Fáil party positioning and policy are being determined in a fashion consistent with an undemocratic totalitarian regime rather than that of a democratic socialist republican party of and for the people.”Given that one would wonder why anyone would wish to join, or rejoin – surely it can’t be the same person, a Fianna Fáil with the same leadership, same policies and same structure. Or even more importantly, why anyone in FF would want them back! 

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