The American Posse, will Keep on, Hunting Kinahan, the Heat is on?

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Boxing promoter Bob Arum named as ‘witness’ in Daniel Kinahan racketeering case

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan
Bob Arum with Daniel Kinahan
Bob Arum with Daniel Kinahan
Kinahan is being sued over the alleged poaching of Mexican boxer JoJo Diaz
Kinahan is being sued over the alleged poaching of Mexican boxer JoJo Diaz

Sunday World

22nd October 2022

A TRIAL examining claims cartel boss Daniel Kinahan used drug-trafficking earnings to fund boxing agency MTK is now expected to take place in the US in March of 2024.

The Sunday World can also reveal that among those scheduled to be called to give evidence before the court in California are Kinahan’s former business associate and Top Rank boss Bob Arum, former MTK CEO Bob Yalen, boxer JoJo Diaz and Kinahan himself.

Lawyers for boxing manager Moses Heredia, who is suing Kinahan and the now defunct MTK over the alleged illegal poaching of Diaz, submitted a 17-page file to the court.

The documents, which included the list of witnesses that will be called by Heredia’s team, also detail how it is expected the high-profile trial will take between seven and 10 days to be heard.

The documents further state that talks previously took place in a bid to settle the case but were unsuccessful – and that MTK and Kinahan have yet to appoint legal teams in the case having parted company with their previous legal representatives.

Four of the nine causes of action listed by Heredia’s lawyers relate to Daniel Kinahan’s activities as a cartel boss – including that he “acquired an interest in an enterprise or established its operation using income acquired through a pattern of racketeering activity.”

Another allegation relating to his criminality is that he conspired to violate the ‘RICO’ act – a US federal statute that specifically targets organised crime and white-collar crime.

The remaining causes of action relate to the alleged poaching of Diaz from Moses Heredia’s stable of boxers by MTK.

Citing ‘unusual legal issues’ in the case, the papers submit that Kinahan has been sanctioned as a ‘specially designated person’ (SDN) by the US Government and is the “subject of a US$5 million reward from the US State Department for information leading to his arrest and or conviction”.

“Although he is in hiding,” the document continues, “Heredia’s counsel is confident that he will be served in this matter.”

The Heredia legal team also note that although “as an SDN, all Kinahan’s property and interests in property in the US must be blocked or reported to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, counsel believes that this may slow not prevent seizure of his assets.”

Daniel Kinahan
Daniel Kinahan

Heredia’s decision to call Top Rank boss Bob Arum as a witness in the case is not surprising, given the fact that legendary fight promoter has repeatedly spoken publicly about his business relationship with Kinahan – stating at one point he had paid the mob-boss €4 million for his role in organising fights involving Tyson Fury.

In April of this year, Arum told Yahoo Sports he paid the money to Kinahan ahead of two of Fury’s fights against Deontay Wilder and bouts against Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin.

Arum revealed how Kinahan opened up to him about doing ‘bad things’ and said that Dublin-born mobster was hoping to get out of ‘that other stuff’. “Kinahan called me and we had a long conversation.

He has kids and he said he wanted to get out of that other stuff. “He said to me, ‘Bob, I’ve done some bad things in my life. I admit that. But I’m not involved with that anymore’.”

But Arum continued: “There came a time that we discovered that he might still have been involved in some nefarious activities. That was enough for us.”

Similarly, Bob Yalen’s inclusion on the witness list is unsurprising.

Yalen retired as CEO of MTK Global in April – a week after US law enforcement announced they had placed Daniel Kinahan – as well as his father Christy and brother Christopher Jnr – on a financial sanctions list.

At the time, Yalen, who was appointed CEO of MTK Global in 2018, said “I am incredibly proud of the success of MTK Global and I feel privileged to have served as president and CEO since 2018.”

“However, the pressure of the last few weeks has been particularly intense. “I need to consider the impact on myself and my family. So, after four years leading MTK, I think it’s time for me to step aside to take on new challenges.”

Outlining the damages being sought by Moses Heredia, his legal team said he was seeking compensatory and punitive damages as well as the recovery of his legal fees.

“The realistic range of provable damages will be based on loss of income and reputational damages suffered by Heredia,” the papers state.

“The RICO violations authorise treble damages which (Heredia) will vigorously pursue.”

In their submission, Heredia’s legal team also request a trial before a jury with a start date of March 4th, 2024.

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