Does Mammy Allen, not Get it, Posh Joshua, is a Drug Dealer, Weed and Cocaine; he Destroys Lives. I have Asked the Question Before, if this was a young man, from North Dublin, would he get the Same Cushy Treatment, not a Fucking Hope in Hell?

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Rachel Allen’s son Joshua freed early from jail after three months

21st October 2022

Rachel Allen’s son Joshua is free from jail after serving half of his seven months sentence.

The now 22-year-old Stonemason has had a troubled past with the law and illegal drugs.

In July, Joshua found himself back behind bars over an incident in 2020 where he was found to be in possession of cocaine for personal use.

That offence occurred just five weeks after he was released early from a 15-month sentence for possession for sale or supply of over €22,000 worth of cannabis.

Joshua, at 14, with his mother Rachel Allen.© Provided by

Joshua had been attempting to appeal the sentence for two years but was ultimately ordered to return to jail this summer by Judge Sarah Berkely who told the court that the reoffence was proof ‘that the penny has not dropped.’

She sentenced him to 12 months in jail with five months suspended meaning that he should have served seven months. He began serving the sentence on 1 July but It now appears he has been released early for a second time.

Joshua, a keen MMA Fighter has been posting pictures of himself in the ring over the past few days to his social media accounts which previously hadn’t been updated since before he went back inside.

A message on one of the posts from Samson Martial Arts reported by The Independent also seems to indicate that Joshua has been released from jail early

It reads: ‘Great to have Joshua Allen back taring tonight. We back.’

On another post, someone else commented: ‘Been looking forward to this comeback while a third remarked ‘clean slate lets go.’

‘The very best of luck to you Joshua. Everyone deserves a chance. Say no more,’ added another follower. In a matter of hours the pictures have been liked hundreds of times.

Joshua’s mum Rachel has continued to back her son and was among the first to comment on his new photos with a simple heart.

Rachel Allen, Cake Diaries. Pic: RTE© Provided by

His battle with drugs first came to public attention when gardai from the Cork City Divisional Drugs squad raided the Allem family’s famed Ballymaloe Cookery School ion August 2018.

They found over €22,000 worth of cannabis which Joshua had shipped in from abroad. He pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to 15 months jail time.

He spent three months in rehab and three weeks on remand which counted towards his sentence. The 15-month sentence should have translated to 11 months behind bars but factoring in the above and his early release, it reality he only served four and a half months on his initial charge.


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