Many Rogue Garda, still out there, are not, on the List here, Disclosing Information, is a Criminal Offence?

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Motorist Bribing Traffic Police Officer A dishonest motorist hands a traffic law enforcement officer his license and registration along with several 20 dollar bills as a bribe to get out of a moving violation or speeding ticket. The dirty cop celebrates his good fortune by doing a little victory dance outside the vehicle. Police Force Stock Photo
Detective looking at money

Domestic violence, sexual misconduct and theft among the reasons for suspensions of gardaí this year

22nd October 2022

Thirty-three gardaí have been suspended this year for reasons including domestic violence, sexual misconduct, and disclosing information.

A total of 55 officers were also found in breach of garda discipline and were given fines totalling €9,570, according to information released under Freedom of Information

Gardaí said six officers had been suspended due to allegations relating to domestic violence, while six more were suspended for “sexual misconduct”.

There were four suspensions for assault and three for driving under the influence. One officer was suspended for what was described as “improper association”.

Two officers were suspended for theft, two more for fraud or extortion, and one for “inappropriate conduct”.

The force also revealed that one officer had been suspended for disclosing information and two others for discreditable conduct.

There was one suspension for inappropriate use of garda IT systems, and two for the falsification of statements during investigations.

Another officer was temporarily taken off the force for a drugs incident, while one garda was suspended for road traffic offences.

Gardaí said there had only been a single dismissal from the force so far this year, which was for “non-attendance”.

The highest fine was four weeks’ pay for one officer who was found to have been in “neglect of duty”.

Three weeks’ pay were docked from two officers for discreditable conduct. Another person was given a two-week pay deduction for discreditable conduct, according to the records released by An Garda Síochána.

Additionally, there were two fines of €1,000 for discreditable conduct, as well as seven fines ranging from €350 to €600 for neglect of duty.

Minor breaches are ordinarily dealt with through “advice, caution, [or] warning”, while less serious breaches can result in reprimands, warnings, cautions, advice, or the docking of one or two weeks’ pay. The most serious breaches can be dealt with through deduction of four weeks’ pay, a reduction in rank, dismissal, or a requirement to resign or retire.

A garda spokesman said they do not comment on internal disciplinary proceedings.

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