These are our own, Irish People; Where the Fuck, is Michael Martin, now, and his Fianna Gael Fail, Cronies. Back to Dark 1847, the Evictions. People should, Stand Together, and Refuse to Go, anyway, Go Where, there is not a Room, in Dublin City?

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‘It’s a bit terrifying, I think people were just shocked’ – eviction notices served on 100 people in block of Dublin flats

Amy Blaney – 23rd October 2022

About 100 people in a block of 35 flats have been served with eviction notices to leave their residences in Kilmainham, Dublin.

The south inner-city block is the latest residential development to be hit with evictions as landlords rush to leave the market.

All tenants in Tathony House, Bow Bridge, were served on Wednesday with eviction notices to quit as the building is going for sale.

A new temporary eviction ban will come into force from next month until the end of March. However, the tenants in Tathony House won’t be protected under the Government’s ban as they were served with eviction notices before the ban will come into force.

A resident since 2009, James O’Toole was served this week with an eviction notice to leave his one-bed flat. He said he is “terrified” to go back into the current rental market in Dublin with limited supply available.

“The eviction notice says that he wants to sell the building. He just wants to cash out,” said Mr O’Toole.

“We got a six-page document handed into each door. Everyone got it.

“Because I’m here since 2009 I’m entitled to 224 days, and my immediate neighbour is entitled to 224 days as well.

“I’ve been given the appropriate amount of time but I’m still looking at and there is nothing to rent.

“We’re all aware of the housing situation, it’s a bit terrifying – I think people were just shocked,” he said.

The building, owned by Tathony Holdings, was a former hostel for asylum seekers before it was converted into flats for private residents around 2001.

Mr O’Toole said he may be forced to move further out of Dublin to find suitable accommodation due to the lack of one-bedroom apartments and the spiralling cost of rent in the city.

“I’m here 13 years and I’m terrified – first of all, you might not find somewhere because the rents are so expensive. I might have to leave Dublin 8 which is where I’ve grown up. I’m originally from this area and I’ve always lived here.

“I’m 48 and I would not like to live in a bedsit or a studio, where everything is in one room. That’s how I used to live in the ’90s.”

The flats are registered with the Residential Tenancies Board, however, the residents are seeking to approach the local authority to enforce the Tyrrelstown Amendment to stop the eviction.

The Tyrrelstown Amendment was introduced in January 2017 with the aim to prevent situations where a large number of residents in a single development are served with termination notices simultaneously by a landlord in order to sell the development.

However, there are currently two loopholes which allow landlords to terminate tenancies under the Tyrrelstown Agreement. These are if the landlord can prove that the market value of the property would be lowered by 20pc if the tenants remained in situ, or if the application of the agreement would cause hardship to the landlord.

“I don’t understand how the Government let that loophole – why is it so easy to get out of Tyrrelstown Agreement?” said Mr O’Toole.

It is understood the landlord has followed the proper eviction procedures set out by the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) and residents were issued with leave-by dates according to the length of their tenancies.

Tathony Holdings Ltd was contacted for comment.

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