Another Woman, Living, in Fear, Too much, of this Happening?

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Businessman (30s) accused of breaching safety order and assaulting ex-partner is freed on bail- Yesterday 17:33

A father accused of breaking a safety order and assaulting his ex-partner during a row about attending a family event has been granted bail.

The businessman, who is in his 30s and cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before Judge Treasa Kelly at Dublin District Court today.

The man denied the allegations and faced a contested bail hearing in which the woman wept as she outlined her fears following an incident earlier this week.

The court heard they had a child together but lived apart.

She told the court she had not wanted him to attend a family event, as he had previously attacked her elderly father, who had been invited.

It was a “continuing cycle,” she said.

The woman claimed that she told the accused, but “his demeanour changed”; he followed her around her house and “started calling me names”.

She alleged he stepped on her foot twice and later sent threatening text messages, saying he had a video of her.

He became “progressively worse”, she said.

The woman told Judge Kelly her child witnessed the incident, adding, “I’m afraid he might come back and do something else”.

She explained she withdrew an earlier complaint against him due to pressure from his family. She also alleged he attacked a garda previously.

The defendant’s replies to the assault and Domestic Violence Act charge were: “It’s absolute nonsense, I didn’t do it” and “that girl needs medical help”.

Judge Kelly said she was considering a remand in custody.

At that point, the defendant pleaded for bail.

In evidence, and referring to his ex-partner by her surname and Ms, he disputed her allegations claiming they had “a lot of untruths”.

He contended he spent several days with her before his arrest and rejected her evidence that she was in fear.

“I’ve never been in prison in my life; I’m pleading with the court that I’ll do anything that you want to grant bail today,” he said.

“I’m a good parent; I’m a good person,” he added.

He also maintained he had been allowed access to his child.

However, the judge noted that was by agreement with the complainant, who has full custody of their child.

Judge Kelly granted bail and ordered him to stay away from the woman, her home and surrounding areas. She also warned him to have no contact with her directly or indirectly and ordered him to appear in court again next month.

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