What kind of Hateful, Gardai would Do This? People are Hungry, and Good, Decent People, Help, and then, this Crap?

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Liberty Soup Run


Guys need your help our van got took by the gaurds because the D. O. E was out we had insurance and tax can’t belive they have done this. the gaurd that took it was so smart wouldn’t even give us a chance to explain just so wrong. right I understand the van should have D. O. E but as you all know we do be so busy helping people also work 9,5 jobs these things do slip your mind reason for post is does anyone work in D. O. E center to try get us in quick. went to the garda station to get the form to get the van back from the pound only to be told I now have to go to lucan garda station when I live in the libertys. givining us the run around so wrong also pound can’t release the van now till Monday. So unfortunately we cannot go out and help the homeless now till we get our van back sorry guys

Liberty Soup Run

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