Twitter: 25th October 2022. Peter Tatchell arrested in Qatar, a country who used slave indentured labour to build the Sport Arena for FIFA Soccer World Cup; again the west let money and greed intervene. Also President Zelensky … a gem … he has promised to try and compensate Europe for the loss of oil/gas and energy supplies, using his creative abilities to be a supplier to Europe and I believe him.

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Peter Tatchell


WATCH trailer for my #Netflix movie ‘Hating Peter Tatchell’ For 54 years I’ve confronted bigots: 3,000 protests, 100 arrests, 300 violent assaults, 50 attacks on my flat & thousands of death threats. But I’m STILL campaigning! PLEASE RT




Kharkiv has its own graveyard for all the Russian missiles dropped on the city, containing over 5000 elements. These mainly include Grad, Uragan, Smerch and S-300 remains.


Ivana Stradner 


Hilarious. This should be translated in Russian and posted on Telegram.





Bellingcat and investigative partners




have discovered a hitherto secretive group of engineers involved in Russian missile strikes on Ukraine. These strikes have killed hundreds and left millions without heating or power

The Remote Control Killers Behind Russia’s Cruise Missile Strikes on Ukraine – bellingcat

Bellingcat has identified a secretive group of Russian military engineers involved in missile strikes on Ukraine.




Zelenskyy promised that Ukraine will help the #EuropeanUnion to replace #Russian energy resources. He spoke about this while speaking via video link at a conference on the restoration of #Ukraine in #Berlin.



Glasnost Gone


Hey Putin! It’s probably not a good idea to use pictures reported by Russian media in 2016 & 2018, as evidence #Ukraine‘s made a “dirty bomb” in 2022. Because once again, it makes you & Russia look idiotic & desperate.




Bill Browder


I will be giving testimony at the UK Parliament today about the new Economic Crime Bill. Some good additions but I will be talking about what’s missing: how to ensure enforcement. The UK hasn’t prosecuted a single Russian money case since Putin took power

Committees – UK Parliament

25/10/2022 14:00:00

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