China accused of opening ‘illegal police stations’ in UK and Europe. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing. Fred intrudes. Guess what? The Irish Times reported on a Chinese police station in Capel Street, Dublin, near Dublin Castle. Beware of the Power Mogul called China, the slip into the crevices especially using education as a driver.

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China accused of opening ‘illegal police stations’ in UK and Europe

Chinese authorities recently brought in a new law to try and establish greater control over dissidents in foreign countries.

By Ellie Cook

13:43, Wed, Oct 26, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:52, Wed, Oct 26, 2022

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China has been accused of setting up undeclared “police stations” in European countries, including the UK, Netherlands, and Spain. The claims were first brought by a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Safeguard Defenders, who are based in Spain. The organisation released a report in September, which claimed the Chinese government had set up “overseas Chinese police ‘service stations’”, which they alleged were established across five continents.

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The report added there were three unauthorised “police stations” in the UK, two of which were located in London and a third in Glasgow.

The purpose of these facilities are given as accommodating tasks such as the renewal of driving licences for Chinese citizens residing in European countries.

Tasks such as this are usually carried out by embassies or consulates, where diplomatic rules are in force.

But the NGO claims the centres are set up by public security bodies from two Chinese provinces, the Fuzhou and Qingtian police agencies, intended to leverage Chinese citizens into returning to Chinese soil, or to prevent dissenters from speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party regime.

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china police stations

China has been accused of setting up undeclared ‘police stations’ in European countries (Image: GETTY•GOOGLEEARTH)

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They identified 54 centres in their report, spread across 21 countries.

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson for Chinese Foreign Affairs, said on Wednesday that the facilities described by the Spain-based NGO “are actually service stations for Chinese citizens abroad”, the BBC reported.

In light of coronavirus restrictions having impeded citizens’ return to China, the stations were to “help [citizens] overcome difficulties”, he continued.

According to the BBC, he said: “Relevant local governments have opened online service platforms.

dutch embassy china

The Dutch government is now investigating the reports (Image: Getty)

“Such services are mainly targeted at physical examinations and changing drivers’ licences.”

But Dutch outlet RTL News, in a joint probe with investigative journalism outlet Follow the Money, publicised testimony from a dissident Chinese citizen, Wang Jingyu, now resident in the Netherlands.

He claimed to have received a message from a person claiming to be from the Rotterdam Chinese police station, saying: “He asked me to go back to China to solve my problems. He also told me to think about my parents.”

RTL News then claimed the Chinese government “never informed the Dutch government” about the facilities known as “overseas service stations”.

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