Dublin City, under Siege, these Gangs need, to be Stopped?

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Shocking footage shows street brawl between gang of youths in Dublin city centre

A clip posted to social media shows young people throwing bottles and bikes at each other on Amiens StreetShare

Footage shows youths throwing bike and chasing each other in Dublin City Centre

Maeve McTaggartSunday World

235th October 2022

Shocking footage of a brawl breaking out between teens in Dublin city centre has been posted to social media.

A gang of youths are seen fighting on Amiens Street, opposite Connolly Station, in the video posted last night.

During the brawl, young people are seen throwing bottles and bikes at one another while running in front of a bus and close to oncoming traffic.

Onlookers waiting at the bus stop in the city centre are seen watching the street fight in the ten-second video posted to social media.

Screams are heard as one member of the group throws a bike at the back of another.

The video seems to have been filmed by a passenger from the top floor of a double decker bus travelling down the busy road in the capital.

Young people cross in front of the bus and look to continue throwing bottles as the video ends.

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