Dublin County Council, have Fuck All for Doing, the Irish, at present, cannot be Happy, must be a new Law? A Mural, well maybe if Cathy Mc Govern, was showing a Mural of Mr Hyde, there be no Flaw?

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Dublin woman forced to paint over inspirational mural on her home by planning officials says it shows flaw in planning process

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A homeowner in south Dublin, who had a mural painted on the front of her house, has said she is “gutted” that she must now cover it up.

Cathy McGovern commissioned the artwork on her period home in Sandycove featuring two ballerinas wearing boxing gloves.

The mural was painted by street artist Solus in August last year after Ms McGovern was inspired by similar pieces while on a street art tour in New York in 2019.

Ms McGovern tried to appeal a council order to remove the mural but was told that it would depreciate the value of property in the area.

She was also told that it was out of proportion with the building and a traffic hazard.

She said the reaction to the mural was “overwhelmingly positive” and that her neighbours really loved it.

“It was hugely supported locally, and no one formally objected but the council turned it down.

“I appealed it to An Bord Pleanála and I got estate agents to confirm that it wouldn’t devalue property, but they turned it down,” she told Independent.ie.

Ms McGovern said she saw her house as a canvas and thought the theme of the mural ‘triumph over adversity’ was very fitting as the project took place during the Covid-10 pandemic.

She said she exhausted the planning process but has decided to paint over the mural on Wednesday morning.

“I held off for as long as I could, but I feel like I just have no choice now. I’m really disappointed, I think it has highlighted a flaw in the planning process.

“I’m really gutted but I don’t want to be totally negative because if I knew all this was going to happen, I would have done it again in a heartbeat.

“It was a glorious project, it brought so much joy and it’s been so positive.”

Olympic gold medalist Kellie Harrington actually visited and posed in front of the mural earlier this year while Ms McGovern was out.

“She came out and posed in front of it, but I have three hidden letters in that art, K, C and A. The K is for Kellie, and it’s hidden in the boxing glove,” she said.

“My kids were living abroad during Covid but I kind of thought well if they’re not in the house they can be on it.

“So, I put an A for my daughter Aoife and a C for my son Cian, so it has been very personal to me and it’s sad, but it’s been such a worthwhile project.”

Independent.ie contacted Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and is awaiting response.

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