Marc Mac Sharry, unlike Barry Cowering Cowen, wont Take, the Martin Kangaroo Court, Martin, has Destroyed Fianna Fail, Re Housing, with Walter Mitty O Brien, Housing Disaster, and our Homeless Deaths, a Fucking National Scandal. Backbenchers in FF will Lose Seats, and dont Forget Class Act, Robert the Depressed Troy, Top Class?

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Ousted TD Marc MacSharry says he has no confidence in Fianna Fáil probe into complaint against him

 – 53m ago

Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry has said he does not have confidence in the process instigated to investigate a complaint made against him by a county councillor.

Mr MacSharry also insisted he will only consider the complaint made against him after a motion for his re-admittance to Fianna Fáíl is put before the party this week.

In a letter to Fianna Fáil headquarters, the Sligo-Leitrim TD asked why his return to the party has been delayed due to a complaint made by Councillor Donal Gilroy about comments made in a WhatsApp group.

Mr MacSharry asked for confirmation that a motion for his readmittance to the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party will be heard at tonight’s meeting.

The exiled TD said he has “not been afforded the confidentiality on fair procedures required by the policies of the party in respect of the complaint” made against him by Mr Gilroy.

“This lack of confidentiality and fair procedures arises from public comments made by An Taoiseach Micheál Martin and the Chief Whip, Minister Jack Chambers TD, in respect of the complaint,” said Mr MacSharry.

“Accordingly, I can have little confidence in any informal process to address the matter complained of. Instead, I will be in touch with you after the motion of re-admittance is heard on Wednesday.

“At this point, it is more likely that I will seek a formal process of investigation of the complaint to ensure the proper confidentiality and fair procedures which have been absent heretofore.

“I will write to you further with my final position when I have considered the matter further and following the motion for re-admittance hearing on Wednesday evening.”

Three weeks ago, Fianna Fáil TD Barry Cowen and Senator Diarmuid Wilson proposed that Mr MacSharry should be allowed re-join the parliamentary party.

The proposal was not immediately accepted by Mr Martin but he said he would discuss the matter with Mr MacSharry ahead of the next meeting.

The two men had a heated telephone conversation before the next meeting. However, despite the fractious call, the Fianna Fáil leader announced a motion for Mr MacSharry’s return would be put before the parliamentary party last Wednesday.

But before that meeting, TDs and senators were told the motion would not go ahead as a matter had arisen related to Mr MacSharry.

It has since emerged the complaint related to comment made by the TD in a WhatsApp group for local councillors. 

The comments followed Mr Gilroy raising concerns on his local radio station about a delay in securing a cath lab for Sligo which Mr MacSharry had said he secured for the county by supporting the Government on votes.

Mr Gilroy felt the comments amounted to bullying and reported the matter to Fianna Fáil headquarters in recent weeks. Mr MacSharry has denied his comments were aimed at bullying his Fianna Fáil colleague.

Mr MacSharry left the parliamentary party last year over the Taoiseach’s response to the controversy surrounding Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney and his handling of a Covid restrictions-breaching party in his department.

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