The man, is Back, he never Went Away, no better man, then Gerry Adams, to Know, who the IRA Targeted, and Bono, as Gerry Says, you were not on the List?

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Bono’s claims the IRA targeted the U2 frontman is ‘news to me’, says Gerry Adams

Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams

Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams

Amy Cochrane

October 25 2022 03:46 PM

Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has said claims the IRA “targeted” U2 lead singer Bono and his wife Ali was “news to me and to anyone else close to republican thinking”.

The claims have been made in Bono’s latest book Surrender, which is set to be released next month.

In his column in this week’s Andersonstown News, Mr Adams also addressed reports that he hates Bono, explaining that he believes hate is a “wasted negative emotion”. 

He said: “Bono is also quoted in some news reports claiming that I hate him. Nope, Paul, not me. You must be mixing me up with someone else. I don’t hate anyone. It’s a wasted negative emotion.

“I do detest imperialism – a good old fashioned word. Greed. Cruelty. Unbridled capitalism. War. Poverty. I believe in freedom. Solidarity. Equality. Community. Socialism. The Arts.”

Mr Adams added that while he’s an admirer of the work that Bono has done in highlighting issues of social injustice around the world, his “commentary on the conflict here was shrill, ill-informed and unhelpful”.

“However, you weren’t on your own,” he said.

“You echoed the Irish establishment line. It was the wrong line for decades. A failure of governance and the abandonment of responsibility to lead a process of peace and justice.

“Thankfully that changed. But it took a long time. Despite this some of us got through it all. With or without you.”

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