Face it, Scottish independence would be a roaring success – for English taxpayers. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing. Fred: A similar argument may apply to North of Ireland

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Face it, Scottish independence would be a roaring success – for English taxpayers

The Scottish Nationalists are pushing hard to leave the UK but they may not be the ones who really benefit.

By Harvey Jones

14:15, Fri, Oct 28, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:56, Fri, Oct 28, 2022


Douglas Ross clashes with Nicola Sturgeon over IndyRef2

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A newly independent Scotland would face massive financial challenges under Nicola Sturgeon, none of which will be resolved easily.

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It would be a nightmare for Scottish taxpayers, who would be forced to shoulder the financial burden of building the new nation outside the UK’s financial umbrella.

  • Public spending could come under the cosh, too, hitting the very poorest north of the border.

Nationalists evidently believe that is a price worth paying, but may think twice when they see who will benefit most.

The English taxpayer.

Independence would be a great financial deal for them. The figures are clear.

In the 2021/22 tax year, Scotland benefited from around £97.5billion in public spending. Yet it only generated £73.8billion of tax, a figure that includes North Sea oil revenues.

So where did the other £23.7billion come from?

You guessed it.


Scottish taxpayers would find independence expensive (Image: Getty)

  • For every £100 a person the UK Government spends in England on matters devolved to Scotland, the Scottish Government receives £126.

This reflects the additional costs of delivering public services in Scotland.

Scottish taxpayers are doing well out of the union.

The English? Not so much.

Each individual Scot received on average £2,184 more public spending in 2021/22, compared to the UK as a whole.

That’s a huge increase from £1,924 the year before.

This is driven by the way the funding for devolved services is calculated through the Barnett Formula.

Yet the more money heads north, the unhappier Nationalists appear to be.

They should be careful what they wish for. Or at least, do some careful sums first to see the financial reality of independence.

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