Well Kyle, you are Getting a Chance now, Dont throw Bricks at Doors, What you Could do, is a Bricklaying Course, a good paid Trade?

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Man threw brick at ex-partner’s door in ‘spasm of jealousy’

Kyle Walsh pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to burglary and making a threat at his former partner’s home

Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh

28th October 2022

A man who threw a brick at his ex-partner’s door and threatened her “in a spasm of jealousy” has been warned not to harass or unnecessarily contact her again or he will go to prison

Kyle Walsh (30) of Killinarden Heights, Tallaght, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to burglary and making a threat at his former partner’s home, on December 30, 2019.

The court heard that in “a spasm of jealousy,” Walsh had thrown a brick and entered through the front door of his formers partner’s home. He made threats to kill her before leaving the house.

Judge Martin Nolan said it had been a frightening and serious offence.

The judge said looking through the probation report it seems the defendant had an attitudinal problem which he has to deal with. He noted that the events took place three years ago and had not occurred again. Walsh has no relevant previous convictions.

He said he hoped Walsh had realised what he did wrong and that it can never be repeated.

The judge said the mitigation was clear, noting Walsh’s plea, cooperation and good work history.

Judge Nolan said the question was should he imprison Walsh. He noted complicating factors in Walsh’s personal circumstances and that this behaviour had not reoccurred.

He said that it would probably be unjust to imprison him, but it had been a close-run thing.

Judge Nolan imposed two and half years’ imprisonment which he suspended in full. He ordered him to have no unnecessary contact with the injured party.

He told Walsh that if there was any harassment, bad blood or aggression towards the woman he would be brought back to court. He warned Walsh if there was any repetition he would go to jail.

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