Always Check, your Post, one Never Knows, what the News within the Parcels?

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Drugs and bullets among items seized after being sent through post

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Bullets, alcohol , psychoactive drugs, and vast quantities of tobacco were all intercepted by Revenue after being sent through the post over the past two years.

Seizures were highest at the Dublin Parcel Hub, where more than 280,000 smuggled cigarettes have been intercepted already this year.

Revenue also reported the seizure of 2,900 items of ammunition as well as more than 27,000 pieces of weaponry, according to data released under Freedom of Information.

In the first eight months of the year there were 527 litres of wine intercepted, 142 litres of beer, and 57 litres of spirits.

Large quantities of drugs were also discovered with seizures totalling more than 200kg; along with another 190,000 individual tablets intercepted at the country’s main mail centre. Around 4,000 items, understood to include counterfeit clothing and electronics, were seized which infringed on intellectual property rights.

Three items which were in breach of international treaties on the trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora were intercepted and there were four seizures of medicinal products, according to a Revenue database, as well as 32 tablets of psychoactive substances.

A further 450 grammes of psychoactive substances were seized along with 1,500 items of what was described as “fiscal” material.

Loose tobacco was discovered in vast quantities, with 170kg of smuggled tobacco intercepted and another nine kilos of unstamped product.

Revenue also reported a small number of seizures at their Cork Mail Centre this year, with around 900 cigarettes and 66 grammes of drugs found between January and August.

Last year, seizures there saw nearly 8,000 cigarettes discovered as well as 59 cigars.

There were also nearly 22kg of tobacco found at the Cork Mail Centre along with nearly 300 individual items of counterfeit goods.

Much of the interception activity for last year was at the Dublin Parcel Centre, where 253 pieces of ammunition and 961 different weapons were seized.

Along with seizures of more than 1,000kg worth of drugs, three pieces of drug paraphernalia were also intercepted in packages.

Nearly a million individual smuggled cigarettes were found along with 466kg of loose tobacco, either smuggled or unstamped.

Other seizures from last year in Dublin included 4,316 litres of wine, 257 litres of beer, and 314 litres of spirits.

“Revenue maintains a presence in mail centres across the country in order to deal with customs related matters arising from the import of goods and parcels via the postal system and to oversee imports from the standpoint of prohibitions on the import of certain illicit products,” a spokeswoman for the Revenue Commissioner said.

“Revenue’s anti-smuggling teams at the main postal depots routinely profile these goods and carry out X-ray examinations, physical examinations and deploy the use of detector dogs based on risk assessment, encompassing both smuggling risk in respect of prohibited goods, and risk to the Exchequer from loss of certain duties and taxes.”​

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