Brothers in Arms, Finglas becoming a War Zone, Sadly many Decent people, live in Finglas, they Deserve better Safety, in their homes?

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Brothers in court over part in huge pitchfork and knife brawl in Finglas

Legal aid was granted for Mr Ward and Mr O’Driscoll

28/10/2022 Glen Ward, 29, from Deanstown Way, Ratoath Road, Finglas, Dublin pictured at Blanchardstown District Court for a court appearance, 

Two brothers charged over a violent disorder incident in Finglas have been granted legal aid after the court heard they are “unemployed.”

Glen Ward, 29, and his brother Eric O’Driscoll, 20, are “both unemployed,” their solicitor told the court and are applying for legal aid.

The claim comes after the court previously heard an allegation from a Garda that Mr Ward had the “wealth” to be able to afford his own solicitor.

They are charged along with Darragh Collopy, 18, over an incident in which a large group of people holding knives and pitchforks gathered in the centre of Finglas in August of this year.

The court previously heard they were arrested after gardai allegedlly viewed them on CCTV footage of the alleged incident.

Yesterday the court heard legal aid had already been granted to Mr Collopy. Legal aid was granted for Mr Ward and Mr O’Driscoll today – and the matter has been put back to February of next year

In August the court previously heard that officers objected to bail – with one garda saying they had “major concerns as to what’s happening” in the area.

Judge Conal Gibbons at the time granted bail, subject to conditions. The incident allegedly took place shortly before 5pm on August 9.

Darragh Callopy, 18, of Cardiffsbridge Avenue, Finglas (Image: Paddy Cummins/

Garda Ciaran Moloney previously told a bail hearing for the men that gardai received numerous reports yesterday at 4.55pm of a group of men standing at the junction of Cardiffsbridge Road and Deanstown Green.

Gda Moloney said there were reports the group had knives and pitchforks, and there was “even mention of a firearm”. The court heard gardai went to the scene, and the large gathering began to disperse.

Gda Moloney said officers viewed CCTV footage, and the three men before the court were arrested and charged.

Objecting to bail for Mr Collopy, Garda Moloney said gardai had “major concerns as to what’s happening” in the area.

Glen Ward and Eric O’Driscoll leaving a previous court appearance (Image: Patrick Cummins Photography)

And objecting at the time to bail for Mr Ward, Detective Garda Sean Kelly said gardai had concerns there could be interference with witnesses, as other people were potentially involved who had not yet been arrested or questioned.

Garda Kelly told the court in August that he objected to Mr Ward getting free legal aid because he believed “this man has wealth and can afford his own solicitor.”The legal aid has been granted today despite the court previously hearing objections to it in relation to Mr Ward.

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