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Top cop names slain gangster Robbie Lawlor as hitman who left mob boss Owen Maguire paralysed

Murdered gangland criminal Robbie Lawlor has been named in court as the man who pulled the trigger on Owen Maguire

Cornelius Price
Cornelius Price
Owen Maguire (left), scene of Owen Maguire shooting (centre) and Robbie Lawlor (right)
Owen Maguire (left), scene of Owen Maguire shooting (centre) and Robbie Lawlor (right)
Robbie Lawlor
Robbie Lawlor

2nd November 2022

Murdered gangland criminal Robbie Lawlor has been named in court as the man who pulled the trigger on Owen Maguire leaving the Drogheda criminal paralysed and confined to a wheelchair.

The shooter is then alleged to have said words similar to “these are from …” as Maguire lay on the ground at Mell Halting Site.

The name used by Lawlor suggesting the figure behind the attack cannot be used at this time for legal reasons.

Dublin gangster Lawlor was an associate of “a leading member” of a rival drugs gang operating in the Drogheda area, according to an affidavit by a Garda Detective Inspector.

“It is believed that Mr Robbie Lawlor was the person who shot Owen Maguire.”

The document forms part of the Criminal Assets Bureau case against Maguire and his brother Brendan Maguire, who also survived being shot in a separate murder

The shooting in July 2018 was “the start of a vicious feud between the Price-Maguire OCG (organised crime group)” and their rivals.

Another officer who arrived at the scene told of how Maguire was found “lying to the driver’s door of the Ford Transit between the van and the mobile home”.

Robbie Lawlor
Robbie Lawlor

The van is on the list of assets now being targeted by CAB and includes €270,000 found in cash at the same address a month later.

Maguire denied any knowledge of the money which was concealed under roof tiles which the officer believes “is the proceeds of selling drugs on a large scale.”

The Drogheda feud resulted in three murders and dozens of other violent assaults and arson attacks although in recent months has died down.

This is due to the fact that most of the leading figures are dead, in prison or have fled abroad thanks to pressure from garda investigations into their activities some of which began even before the feud broke out.

This includes Robbie Lawlor who was shot dead in Ardoyne, Belfast in April 2020 for which €50,000 was to be paid to the Dundon-McCarthy gang by the Price-Maguire gang, according to the affidavit.

Lawlor was the chief suspect in the gruesome murder of Drogheda teen Keane Mulready Woods (17) in January 2021.

Gang boss Cornelius Price, who is on bail in the UK, accused of a tiger-kidnapping plot, remains seriously ill after going into a coma as a result of a condition known as limbic encephalitis.

In the affidavit to the High Court it is also stated that “Cornelius Price is an extremely close associate of Owen Maguire and they jointly head the Price-Maguire OCG.”

Maguire’s brother Brendan is now living in the north of England after surviving being shot in Drogheda as he exited a gym not far from his Cement Road home in February 2019.

Cornelius Price
Cornelius Price

At the centre of the CAB case is €304,000 in cash, two properties, a Rolex watch, a Mercedes car and a Ford Transit van.

Last month CAB applied to serve orders on Brendan Maguire outside of the jurisdiction which was granted.

The High Court heard that Maguire is currently living in the Rochdale area of Manchester in the UK.

Judge Alex Owens said he would have 28 days to enter an appearance in the matter from the time papers are served on him.

Also granted was an order for a substitute service on Owen Maguire who officers believe has deliberately avoided being served official papers in relation to the CAB case.

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