Excellent. Ireland is building many data centres but wisdom and action is lacking. Arlington is the example in this TED TALK and is probably the size of Ireland. They set targets for 2030 and achieved 100% renewable energy provision by 2025. COP27: use this prep talk to energise commitment and forward thinking to action.

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CHRIS ROE – 4 min Amazon’s bold plan to run on 100% green energy by 2030 What will it take to power the planet in a way that doesn’t hurt it? Chris Roe, Amazon’s director of energy and sustainable operations, shares the company’s pledge to get to net-zero carbon and fully operate all buildings — including data and distribution centers, warehouses, commercial offices and grocery stores — on 100-percent renewable energy. He reveals the most critical part of achieving these goals: partnering with companies around the globe to spearhead new wind and solar projects. Modeling a collaborative approach to a climate-friendly future, Roe invites leaders and companies everywhere to set their ambitions high and create a world that runs on green energy — because we can only achieve this together. (Read transcript here.) Watch now

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