A One Way Ticket to Australia, Gillen, Gets Bail, well Time will tell, if he Appears, in the District Court on the 2th of December? Serious Charges here?

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Man with one-way ticket to Australia is given bail as he faces charges of false imprisonment and assault

 6th November 2022

A 60-year-old man accused of a serious assault and holding a female against her will at a house in South County Dublin has been granted bail.

Ian Gillen of Caryfort Avenue, Blackrock, Co Dublin, was charged with false imprisonment, assault causing harm and making a threat to kill or cause her serious harm.

The incident allegedly happened at a residential address in Monkstown on December 23, 2021.

The accused made “no reply” when Detective Sergeant Rachel Kilpatrick charged him and Blackrock Garda station on Saturday morning. He was then brought before Dublin District Court.

Judge John Hughes noted the DPP had directed trial on indictment in the Circuit Court, which has broader sentencing powers.

Detective Sergeant Rachel Kilpatrick objected to bail due to flight risk concerns. She said the accused had booked a one-way flight to Australia later this month.

The officer voiced concerns he was going to start a “new life” there.

However, she agreed with defence counsel Maeve MacCabe that the accused was cooperative on arrest.

Counsel put it to her that her client was going to Australia for a sporting event later this month, in which his son, now deceased, had previously taken part. She also told the court that Mr Gillen had a one-way ticket to Australia because he also intended to visit friends in New Zealand.

The barrister submitted that her client has strong ties to this jurisdiction, and she pointed out that he had family and property here.

The court heard he recently retired on a large gratuity but now has an ad hoc consultancy job with a video production firm. He was also getting treatment for a medical issue.

Judge Hughes was told the accused also volunteered the information he intended to travel to Australia.

The court also heard his son’s inquest is in the new year.

The accused did not address the court and has not yet indicated a plea.

Judge Hughes noted the objections outlined in court and the circumstances of the accused. He stressed that this is an allegation and he had the presumption of innocence.

Refusing bail, he held, would lead to “immense and prolonged hardship” for the accused and his family.

He released Mr Gillen on a €500 bond, but ordered him to surrender his passport to gardai within 24 hours and not apply for duplicate travel documents. He also instructed him to sign once a week at a garda station, reside at his current address or notify gardai of any change of residence.

He said the accused is to have no contact with witnesses and must remain contactable by mobile phone at all times.

Judge Hughes ordered him to appear at Dun Laoghaire District Court on December 2 to be served with a book of evidence.

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