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Teenager absconds from custody after being left unattended in Garda van

5th November 2022

A TEENAGER ARRESTED by gardaí managed to escape from the Garda van in which he was being held.

The teenager escaped from an official Garda van© File photo – Eamonn Farrell

The male youth remains on the run following the incident in Galway city centre last night. 

He had been arrested over suspicion of carrying out a theft but – as gardaí carried out enquiries with others at the scene – he “absconded from the official Garda van” according to the Garda Press Office.

A video of the incident, where the teenager can be seen pushing open the door panel on the side of the van, has been circulating on social media. The youth flees from the scene in the recording.

A Garda spokesperson told The Journal that gardaí are making enquiries and confirmed that the teenager “has not been returned to custody at this time”.

“Following the arrest of a male youth (aged in his teens) on suspicion of theft, the male absconded from the official Garda van while Gardaí were conducting further enquiries into the incident,” the statement said.

The statement added: “Enquiries are ongoing at this time. The male has not been returned to custody at this time.”

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