The Cost to the Taxpayers, when these Thugs, Appeal their Sentences, its Sean McGovern, the Gardai really Want, and Time, will be Vital, in the Hunt, for the Kirwan Family, to Get Justice?

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Murder victim Noel ‘Duck Egg’ Kirwan’s family ‘disgusted’ as Kinahan cartel thug Martin Aylmer to appeal jail term

  • 7:00, 2 Nov 2022

KINAHAN cartel lapdog Martin Aylmer is to appeal the severity of the prison sentence he got for helping his associates murder an innocent granddad.

The Irish Sun can reveal Aylmer, 36, has instructed his legal team to appeal the eight years and four months jail term he received for his role in the killing of Noel Kirwan, 62, in December 2016, and the failed plot to kill James ‘Mago’ Gately in May 2017.

Martin Aylmer is to appeal the severity of the prison sentence
Martin Aylmer is to appeal the severity of the prison sentence
Noel Kirwan was murdered in 2016
Noel Kirwan was murdered in 2016
Kirwan was shot dead because he attended the funeral of Eddie Hutch
Kirwan was shot dead because he attended the funeral of Eddie HutchCredit: Reuters
Eddie Hutch was killed in February 2016
Eddie Hutch was killed in February 2016

Aylmer — who also provided support to the hit team in Michael Barr’s murder in April 2016 — put in his legal bid last month.

Relatives of Mr Kirwan — who was shot dead because he attended the funeral of Eddie Hutch — have been informed of Aylmer’s legal bid.

One close friend of the murder victim told The Irish Sun: “It’s disgusting that he has appealed a sentence for his involvement in a murder and a failed murder bid. He should not be given the opportunity to appeal because he was involved in two very serious crimes.

“Aylmer played a key role in the Kinahan cartel and was a trusted ­figure. He has already caused so much trauma through his actions and this is causing further damage.

“Aylmer should have been given a lot longer time in prison because of what he was involved in — it’s a disgrace.”

As the Kinahan cartel fixer ­prepares for his appeal, we reveal details of his life inside Dublin’s Mountjoy Prison.

Since his conviction in 2018 for supplying phones to the hit team involved in the Barr killing, Aylmer has been classed as a model prisoner and is being held on the D3 landing in the prison.

During his time in jail, Aylmer has refused to associate with ­members of the Kinahan gang who use drugs. And he remains close to cartel killer David Hunter, who is serving life for Barr’s murder.

Other associates include a close pal of Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh who’s facing serious charges.

One prison source said: “Aylmer has just kept his head down during his time in prison. He hasn’t been a problem and won’t associate with anyone who does drugs.

“He thinks he’s better than some of the other cartel members because he had such a position of trust.”

They added: “Aylmer might not be the hardened criminal but no one will go near him because they know he’s protected.”

Before his arrest during the Barr murder probe, Aylmer used the codename ‘Casper’ when he was communicating with mob heavyweight Sean McGovern. He was given the name because he was classed as a ‘ghost’ by the cartel.


Due to the high level of trust that he enjoyed, he had his own ‘Pretty Good Privacy’ encrypted phone so he could deal directly with McGovern and another cartel facilitator in west Dublin.

Ex-Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy, whose team identified a secret lock-up Aylmer used, confirmed he had been “under the radar” before his capture.

Mr Leahy added: “Martin Aylmer wasn’t known to the Gardai before his arrest for the Barr murder.

“He was under the radar but we now know that he was a key player in providing logistical support to the Kinahan Organised Crime Group.”

After his conviction, the Garda National Drugs and ­Organised Crime Bureau vowed to continue the crackdown on his ­associates.

Det Supt Dave Gallagher said: “The convictions of Martin Aylmer are significant in bringing to account a trusted enabler, without whose support and assistance, a violent criminal organisation could not operate a campaign of murder and violence which impacted immensely on families and local communities.”

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