There is so much more, to come out, in this Drogheda Bloody Feud, Much more?

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Dad of slain Drogheda teen Keane Mulready-Woods named as ‘gang member’

CAB officers claim dad of dismembered teen is part of notorious Price-Maguire criminal crew

Gardai pictured at the site on wasteland in Drogheda where the torso of Keane Mulready Woods was discovered
Gardai pictured at the site on wasteland in Drogheda where the torso of Keane Mulready Woods was discovered
Keane Mulready Woods was a victim of the Drogheda feud
Keane Mulready Woods was a victim of the Drogheda feud
Gardaí examine body parts
Gardaí examine body parts
Gardaí seal off an area where body parts were found.
Gardaí seal off an area where body parts were found.
Owen Maguire
Owen Maguire
Cornelius Price
Cornelius Price

7th November 2022

The father of slain teenager Keane Mulready-Woods has been named as a member of a criminal gang involved in the lethal Drogheda feud which claimed his son’s life.

Barry Woods, whose car has been the target of an arson attack, is stated as being part of the gang headed up by notorious mobsters Owen Maguire and Cornelius Price.

The stark assertion came in an affidavit filed with the High Court as part of a Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) case against mobster Owen Maguire and his brother Brendan.

Listed among dozens of incidents to highlight the gang’s involvement in serious criminality is a complaint to gardaí by Barry Woods over an attack on his car.

Gardaí seal off an area where body parts were found.
Gardaí seal off an area where body parts were found.

“On the 23 June 2019, Barry Woods, who is a member of the Price-Maguire OCG [organised criminal gang], reported that his vehicle had been petrol bombed.

“Barry Woods is the father of the late Keane Mulready-Woods who was murdered in January 2020.”

The 17-year-old’s murder in January 2020 shocked the nation after his body parts were found in a bag in Coolock and in a burning van in Ballybough.

While the same affidavit states that Keane Mulready-Woods was known to gardaí “for his involvement in criminality”, there is no reference to whether or not he was a member of the Price-Maguire gang.

There is no other reference to Barry Woods to explain his role in the gang or whether he is considered a senior or junior member.

Two men are due to go on trial next year in the Special Criminal Court charged with the murder of Keane, in which Robbie Lawlor was also a chief suspect before being murdered in Belfast in April 2020.

Gardaí examine body parts
Gardaí examine body parts

Lawlor was also named as being the gunman who shot Owen Maguire six times in July 2018, leaving him paralysed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair.

The CAB case against the Maguire brothers charts their gang’s rise and fall and its involvement in two separate lethal feuds and their links to the murders of at least six people.

Both Maguire brothers were lucky to survive being shot by would-be assassins in separate gun attacks in Drogheda.

Brendan Maguire’s survival was helped when “prominent” gang member Mark Kavanagh drove straight to hospital after the attack outside a gym in February 2019.

Maguire and Kavanagh were one of three men who got into Kavanagh’s car which was then approached by a gunman who opened fired.

“Mark Kavanagh then left the scene at speed and drove Brendan Maguire to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, where he was admitted and received emergency treatment.”

Owen Maguire
Owen Maguire

Kavanagh is currently awaiting trial in the UK accused of a tiger-kidnap plot along with gang boss Cornelius Price, who is seriously ill with limbic encephalitis.

The leading members of the rival gang, who can’t be named at this time for legal reasons, were also lucky to escape attacks by the Price-Maguire gang.

Gardaí were called to the scene after been alerted to a brand-new Mercedes at a dual carriageway in Drogheda where a device was burning in the exhaust pipe of the car in November 2018.

The army bomb squad stated that it was a viable improvised explosive device that “had burnt out due to the lack of oxygen and the manner in which it was used.”

The car was owned by a girlfriend of one of the leading gang members.

The same gangster’s brother also had a close shave when he was driving toward the home of a family member in June 2019 as a vehicle approached from behind.

When shots were fired at him from the other car, he was hit in the chin and shoulder but “drove aggressively from the scene and made his way to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.”

Not so lucky was his close friend Keith Brannigan, not believed to have been involved in crime, who was shot dead at Aishling Caravan Park, Clogherhead in August that year.

Parents, uncles and grandparents of individuals believed to have been aligned with either faction were also subject to terrifying arson attacks.

One woman, described as a girlfriend of the rivals to the Price-Maguire gang, told gardaí an attempt was made to ram her off the road in a short pursuit.

An innocent taxi driver was injured in January 2020 when an attempt to shoot a rival gang member was made in Drogheda.

While the gang is believed to have been involved in an attempt to shoot Robbie Lawlor’s brother-law Richie Carberry in March 2019 they are not mentioned as being linked to his subsequent murder seven months later.

Carberry, who was described as being “closely aligned” with a leading member of the rival gang did not co-operate with the Garda investigation.

At the centre of the current CAB case is €304,000 in cash, two properties, a Rolex watch, a Mercedes car and Ford van.

Last month, CAB applied to serve orders on Brendan Maguire outside of the jurisdiction which was granted.

Also granted was an order for a substitute service on Owen Maguire, who officers believe has deliberately avoided being served official papers in relation to the CAB case.

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