Another Sexual Abuse Scandal, this time, Blackrock College?

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Holy Ghost Order that runs Blackrock College says 57 people have alleged they were abused on the campus

7th November 2022

The Holy Ghost Order which runs Blackrock College in Dublin has answered 57 humans have declared they were abused on the campus.

And it has paid further than €5m in bribery adjustment asserts and abutment casework back 2004, it answered today.

The Order, accepted officially as the Spiritans, answered 233 humans had fabricated allegations of bribery adjoin 77 Irish Spiritans in ministries all through Ireland and overseas.

In affiliation to Blackrock College, it answered 57 humans declared they were abused on the Blackrock campus and the Order has fabricated settlements with 12 humans apropos to bribery there and all settlements have been adjourned from Spiritan aggregation resources.

The Spiritans in Ireland accepted the adjustment amount to RTÉ Radio 1’s Documentary on One programme, afterwards two ancestors batten about bribery they suffered at Blackrock College all through the 1970s and aboriginal 1980s.

Their adventure is due to affection in a advertisement this black on RTÉ Radio 1 all through the final hour of the Drivetime programme.

Blackrock College this morning referred enquiries to the Spiritan adjustment while contacted by

The accepted Provincial of the Spiritans, Fr Martin Kelly, accepted to RTE which the adjustment had fabricated “multiple budgetary contributions” to humans who declared bribery at the easily of Spiritan association associates – and back 2004 the absolute amount paid by the Spiritans, in adjustment of asserts of abuse, and appear abutment services, amounted to over €5m.

Fr Kelly also answered it has been the convenance of the Spiritan aggregation to awning acknowledged charges incurred by its associates in affiliation with their acknowledged representation in bent cases in situations area associates did not have the claimed affairs to do so.

The brothers who will affection in tonight’s documentary are the first to aboveboard allege about the child animal bribery they suffered at Blackrock College, area the earlier affinity began his accessory apprenticeship in September 1973, RTE has said.

The documentary will acquaint how all through his first year, one of the agents took a appropriate hobby in him and gradually began to sexually bribery him. The priest who abused him was once a Holy Ghost/Spiritan father.

The bribery took abode all through clandestine pond sessions at the basin on the academy campus. Another priest from Blackrock College also began to bribery the boy, who did not acquaint anybody about it.

The programme will also acknowledge how this boy’s adolescent brother was once 12 while he first began to be arrive to pond sessions by the first priest which abused his earlier affinity on the area of Blackrock College, and which over the abutting cardinal of years, he too was once again sexually abused.

Neither brother batten of their abuse, until aboriginal 2002 while accounting child sex bribery bedeviled account headlines.

This led the brothers to acknowledge their abuse, first to their parents, and again to one another. They again fabricated statements to An Garda Síochána which led to assorted charges actuality brought adjoin their abuser.

The documentary will also acknowledge which by the time the complaints were fabricated the Spiritan priest was once 82 years old and still dwelling on the area of Blackrock College. But he denied the charges and launched a acknowledged case to stop the bent proceedings.

In 2007, the courts absitively which the bent case adjoin the brothers’ abuser should be halted, and the Holy Ghost daddy died in 2010, accepting never had to face trial.

In 2012, the Spiritans issued a accepted acknowledgment accepting been heavily criticised in an analysis reviewing child protection practices.

This analysis also abundant how consecutive abusers aural the Spiritans/Holy Ghost Order went undetected and unchecked, giving them unmonitored acceptance to accouchement all through the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

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