Bailey feels Reborn, through Tik Tok; he must be Making a lot of money, 15 Euros, for 15 Seconds, to be heard. Well Done Bailey?

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Watch: Ian Bailey now charging people €15 for TikTok ‘shoutout’ videos

8th November 2022

Ian Bailey is now charging the public €15 for a fifteen-second ‘shoutout’ video on TikTok.

Mr Bailey, 64, who has been a suspect in Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder for over 25 years, has garnered more than 3,000 followers and 12,000 likes since joining the video-sharing social media platform earlier this year.

His content consists mainly of poetry readings and limericks, but in recent weeks the former journalist has been ‘inundated’ by shoutout requests, particularly from people under the age of 25.

Numerous videos depict Mr Bailey wishing success to various sporting clubs around the country, including Drogheda United, before their upcoming games.

Ian Bailey is now charging the public €15 for a fifteen-second ‘shoutout’ video on TikTok. Pic: Tom Honan© Provided by

  • He has also been sending messages of congratulations to people celebrating their weddings and birthdays.
  • Speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, Mr Bailey said that the demand has been so high that he’s decided to charge €15 for the service.

The self-published poet justified the cost as his shoutouts take ‘time and skill’ to complete.

‘Tiktok is actually a great platform for the performance artist,’ he said.

‘When I joined, I just started putting up funny posts like naughty limericks and began to receive a lot of positive engagement with very little negativity, in contrast to Twitter.

‘I’ve got this army of young people who seem to be really into my poetry and uploads.

‘I don’t mind doing shoutouts, but I’m getting so many requests that I’ve decided to charge a small fee.

‘I accept payment via Revolut and can do the videos privately on Whatsapp or publically on Tiktok.’

Asked if he feels that his notoriety surrounding the murder of Ms du Plantier is a factor in why his videos are so popular, Mr Bailey replied: ‘I guess there has to be…’

However, he believes that his younger audience mainly like him for his personality.

‘The young ones down here call me “the ledge”,’ Mr Bailey continued.

‘These are people who weren’t even born when the murder of Sophie happened 25 years ago, which of course I had nothing to do with.

‘Because of what I’ve been through over the past few years, this [joining Tiktok] has given me a sort of rebirth.

‘I’m able to use my journalistic skills and express myself through poetry.’

Ian Bailey. Pic: Tom Honan© Provided by

Shoutout videos have become increasingly popular over the past number of years, where celebrities send personalised video messages to fans for a fee.

Mr Bailey said he considered joining, but believes the site moderators may have issues with him being convicted in absentia in France of Ms du Plantier’s murder.

‘I sent them an email, but I think they may have a problem with me because technically I’m a convicted murderer in France, but I’d rather do my own thing on TikTok.’

Ms Toscan du Plantier was bludgeoned with a rock and a concrete block outside her home in Schull, west Cork on December 23, 1996.

Gardai believe she sustained approximately 50 blows to the head.

Mr Bailey has twice been arrested in connection with the French filmmaker’s death, but he has never been charged.

Ian Bailey has explained his love for TikTok and said it’s much more pleasant than Twitter. Pic: Hells Kitchen/Barbara McCarthy via Sky Studios© Provided by

However, he was tried for her murder in absentia in a French Court, and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. 

However, the Irish Government has refused to extradite him.

In June, gardai announced that the force’s Cold Case Unit will conduct a ‘full review’ into the case which has remained unsolved for over 25 years.

Mr Bailey has said previously it will clear his name.

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