What more can, one Say, Bailey, a True English Legend? Now he Exposes the Irish Police, Garda Siochana, What a Man?

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Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

Journalist. Legal academic and Poet.I have just published my 1st class LLM thesis on police accountability in Ireland

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University College Cork

My name is Ian Kenneth Bailey . I am Anglo Welsh and was born in Manchester on a stormy night in 1957. I entered journalism in the town of Gloucester, England, after leaving the Crypt Grammar School. I trained with a freelance agency before going onto launch my own freelance operation out of Cheltenham where I acted as a correspondent for local, regional and national newspapers, radio and television. I was a special correspondent for a number of Fleet Street titles and an occasional members of the Sunday Times investigative unit Insight. I moved to Ireland from London in 1991 where I continued to write as a freelance news man and also as a poet. In 2007 I went up to University College Cork and came back down to West Cork in 2012 with 3 degrees in law, a BCL(Hons). an LLB and an LLM. In 2017 I published my first collection of poetry – The West Cork Way and I have just published my 2nd collection “A John Wayne State of Mind” 41 poems with biographgical footnoters available from me at 20 Euro or on Amazon as a print book or Kindle. I live in West Cork and at the time of writing this I am expecting to get hit by a hurricane. People can write to me at The Perrin Inn, Glengarriff West Cork or contact me on 086 2066683 or 107867433@umail.ucc.ie. Anybody who wants to learn more should buy my poetry collections from Amazon

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