Covid Checkpoint, Well, No Covid, just Cocaine; now the Sad Story, Carey, No Angel? Coke on Wheels?

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Pictured: Cocaine courier who used a false letter to get through Garda checkpoints during Covid

– 1h agoTrevor Carey said he agreed to store the drugs

This is the cocaine courier who used a false letter identifying him as a legitimate delivery driver to get through Garda checkpoints during Covid.

Trevor Carey, a former warehouse operative who last week pleaded guilty to possession of drugs worth more than €400,000 for sale and supply, became involved with a Limerick crime gang after taking on a €60,000 loan to cover mortgage, gambling and drug debts.

Carey, who is now sober, was told some of the loan would be knocked off if he agreed to store packages.

The court heard that Carey suspected the packages were cocaine but was not aware of the full value of the drugs in his possession.

And instead of simply storing the drugs, he ended up becoming a ‘gofer’ for the man to whom he owed the money.

Approached this week, Carey declined to comment saying: “No comment, for my own safety.”

At last week’s hearing, Detective Garda Eimear O’Sullivan told John O’Sullivan BL, that gardai had identified Mr Carey as a “possible operative” for an organised crime group and that 5.65kgs of cocaine were located inside a property linked to him when it was searched.

Various paraphernalia associated with drug dealing was also discovered during a search of the house. The items seized included ‘baggies’, suspected tick lists, a mixing agent and five mobile phones.

Various documents were also seized, including a letter which purported to confirm that Carey worked for a courier company and was ‘legally permitted’ to travel outside his 5km area during the Covid restrictions.

However, the detective confirmed the defendant never worked for the named company and that he was not a courier.

She agreed with Mr O’Sullivan, who said the letter was part of his strategy “to help him move about”.

She said the defendant, who was working for a company in Co. Clare until March 2020, has a gambling addiction, is a regular drug user and is in “substantial arrears” on his mortgage.

Judge Tom O’Donnell was told Mr Carey previously received a loan from an “unidentified male” who offered to “knock off” some of his debt if he stored packages for him.

Detective O’Sullivan said Mr Carey suspected the packages contained cocaine but that he was not aware of the value.

Following his arrest, he made admissions and told gardai he would receive phone calls from the man to tell him where to deliver packages to.

“He was the male’s gofer, everything went through him,” said Mr O’Sullivan.

Mr Carey told gardai he had been transporting and delivering drugs for more than a year and that he had initially been storing the cocaine in the attic of his home before then using the house in Corbally where a friend lived.

Detective O’Sullivan agreed with Mr O’Sullivan who suggested that Mr Carey “needed somewhere safer” as he had been threatened.

Judge O’Donnell was told Mr Carey, who has a number of minor convictions, has a good work history but is no longer able to work due to a heart condition.

A previous court hearing heard how Carey worked as a warehouse operative but had to go on disability allowance after having a triple heart bypass.’

Asking the court to consider a non-custodial sentence, Anthony Sammon SC said his client had been “trapped by his own indebtedness” and that he had a “limited role” in the overall operation of the organised crime group.

Judge O’Donnell adjourned the matter until next February.

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