Social Housing Ireland. Day in and day out we hear politicians, especially Sinn Fein, bleeting about how they would solve the housing crisis in a much more efficient way than presently. Darragh O’Brien, the Minister is quite able. Why is it never mentioned about housing agencies who are already building social housing provision and their success. Add to this Bartra and its extensive works in social housing and the provision of nursing homes. This is a model that appears to work so why not highlight and create more opportunities

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While Sinn Fein bleet on and on … Bartra and others are providing social housing.  They have the plan, the vision, the backing.

Bartra are also involved in nursing homes  – Development, operation and management

Again, politicians wake up

Sinn Fein … all the talking and writing books, papers etc do not get the work done.

History about housing problems in Ireland.  Too many silos but some identify need, finance and build or renovate.

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