Iran sentences protester to death and indicts dozens. Source: THE GZERO NEWSLETTER SIGNAL

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Iran sentences protester to death and indicts dozens

On Sunday, a Tehran court issued the first death sentence linked to ongoing protests in the Islamic Republic, and dozens more were indicted in a bid to quash the women-led movement that’s rocked the country for two months.

At least 300 people have been killed and 15,000 arrested since nationwide protests erupted after the in-custody death of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for donning her hijab “improperly.”

The death sentence comes weeks after 80% of Iran’s parliamentarians voted in favor of executing demonstrators, the majority of whom are young women calling for regime change.

To date, most of the indictments – over 1,000 – have been handed down in Tehran, the capital, but the latest charges were issued in the southern province of Hormozgan, suggesting that the use of Iran’s draconian judiciary to deal with protesters is intensifying.

A transnational group that tracks political detentions says at least 65 of those charged are minors.

Meanwhile, Iceland and Germany are calling for a special session at the UN Human Rights Council to discuss the situation, which could send a powerful message to the mullahs but is unlikely to have a real bearing on the regime’s crackdown.

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