Ivana Stop, Please, Political Scoring; This is Sexual Abuse, on a Organised Scale, with more Colleges to Come out? Dont ever Forget Ivana, and you are a Decent Person, 40 plus Years ago, in Drogheda Hospital, many Doctors Knew, about Paedophile Michael Shine, and Did Fuck all, about him? Now never Doubt, there are Well Connected, Paedophile Rings, Operating, in Ireland, at Present, and Believe it when one Says, well Connected, at the very Top?

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Senior person still in Blackrock College was told of abuse allegations 20 years ago – Dáil is told

17th November 2022

A person now in a “key leadership role” at Blackrock College was informed of specific abuse allegations 20 years ago, Labour leader Ivana Bacik has told the Dáil.

Ms Bacik added that this person told other survivors who approached him to return with “proof and a solicitor.”

The Labour leader said issue of abuse in Blackrock College, in Dublin, run by the Spiritan order, is “not just an historic issue.” She also repeated her calls for a public inquiry into abuse at the college and other religious-run educational institutions.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar signalled that the Government is moving towards holding such an inquiry telling Ms Bacik the issue was finding the most appropriate “victim-led” inquiry into the controversial allegations.

Mr Varadkar said the Government is looking at the most appropriate model for an inquiry. He said a non-statutory inquiry based on the Scally inquiry into the CervicalCheck scandal could be seen as a “a good model, albeit in a very different circumstance to statutory ones which could also be very good models”.

The Fine Gael leader stressed that the Government would have to ensure the inquiry did not cut across ongoing Garda investigations. But he added that this could be done via giving an inquiry the correct terms of reference.

Speaking at Leaders’ Questions Ms Bacik said there are still people still in leadership roles, in particular in Blackrock College, who have had continuous ongoing involvement with the college for 40 years.

“I’m well aware that one individual currently in a key leadership role who was told of specific abuse allegations in 2002,” she said.

Ms Bacik welcomed the apology from the Spiritans and the announcement that they will establish an independent process to provide a forum for survivors of abuse to come forward.

But she repeated her call for a broad inquiry that could be modular in operation. “We know also that such an inquiry must be survivor led, it must seek to review the extent of the abuse and crucially, the existence of institutional cover ups in individual schools and by particular orders.

“And it should also seek to examine the role of the state, and in particular the failures of the state, what the state could and should have done to prevent abuse in schools where the teachers were paid by the state and the schools were receiving significant public funding.”

Mr Varadkar said there was broad welcome for an inquiry. But he stressed the importance of getting the terms of reference right.

“Inquiries can range from non-statutory inquiries such as the Scally report, which I think people would see as a good model, albeit in a very different circumstance to statutory ones”, the Tánaiste said. He also warned that a statutory public inquiry could take a very long time which would not help those who have suffered.

Ms Bacik highlighted the level of abuse in Blackrock College. “At that one school alone, we’re now learning of the really horrific scale of the abuse,” she said. She added that “out of the class of 1979, 25 boys out of 120 in that class, have now reported abuse, a staggering figure of 21pc.”

“We know that 300 individuals have now come forward, disclosing abuse perpetrated upon them and yet just three of the 77 Spiritans with allegations made against them have criminal convictions,” the Labour leader said.

Highlighting one individual in a key leadership role she questioned the issue of those in authority who knew about this issue long ago.

“There are those currently in leadership roles in particular schools, who have been in those roles for so long, many decades, in some cases, that it’s very difficult to believe that they did not have knowledge of the abuse that was being perpetrated there.”

Mr Varadkar said the Government was very concerned about the matter. “The cruelty and pervasive nature of the allegations is truly shocking.

“My thoughts in the first instance are with survivors who have bravely told us their story.”

He said “parents must be able to send their children to school in the knowledge that they’re not only receiving the best education they can, but also that they’re in a safe environment.”

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