20th November 2022: Allegiances … who sides with who? Russia looks to China, Iran, North Korea, Turkey…as it has launched a savage assault on its sovereign state neighbour, Ukraine. The Military Industrial Complex plays its part too in a world on the brink of what some call world war III. Tweets to encourage people to engage not in war but in finding solutions. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, but one must include US, the line is fine. Defender of the vulnerable or warmonger. But let’s start with power of monopoly and privateer Musk and the vote of the people by Twitter to see if former President Trump can become a player once again on the Twitter platform. To end: enters Gangland Christy Kinahan, with the DEA in America having placed a $5 million reward for his capture…and these tweets will show he has links with Iran???

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Nigel Farage




Free Syria Media Hub and Glasnost Gone follow




The Japan News


North Korea’s Kim boasts new ICBM as US flies bombers

japannews.yomiuri.co.jp North Korea’s Kim boasts new ICBM as US flies bombers SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boasted that a recently tested intercontinental ballistic missile is another

Glasnost Gone


Today the #MH17 trial verdict confirmed Russia invaded eastern #Ukraine in 2014: Says from mid-May 2014 the DPR (Russia’s sham Donetsk republic) was controlled from the Russian Federation. So get it right – not Ukrainian “separatists,” but Russia’s forces



Dougie Jones 


Former President of #Russia and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation,




BBC News (World)


‘Compared to escaping North Korea, the fights feel like nothing’ North Korea defector becomes South Korean fight champion https://bbc.in/3gjkWmV




After killing 59 Million Native Americans and dropping two nuclear bombs on civilian cities, America set out to establish International Courts to try others for war crimes. and then they killed more millions in North Korea Iraq Vietnam Cambodia Libya Syria Yemen Yugoslavia ….


Hillel Neuer


LIST OF SHAME: Countries who voted NO to U.N. General Assembly’s condemnation of #Iran regime human rights abuses.  Armenia  Bangladesh  Belarus  Bolivia  China  Cuba, Eritrea  India  Indonesia  Iraq  Kazakhstan  Lebanon  Nicaragua  North Korea



The New York Times


As North Korea fired its largest ballistic missile on Friday, the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, appeared at the launch with a girl who had never been publicly seen before. State media confirmed that she is Kim’s daughter, who is thought to be named Ju-ae.


                                                          Korean leader
                                                          Kim Jong-un
                                                          holds the hand
                                                          of a young
                                                          girl in a
                                                          white jacket
                                                          at a missile
                                                          launch at the
                                                          airport. State
                                                          media said the
                                                          girl is his
                                                          Photo by
                                                          Korean Central
                                                          News Agency,
                                                          via Associated


Olena Halushka


When you think that the Hungarian government can’t fall any lower, they start the “reintegration of Iran into the international system by normalizing economic cooperation”. What’s next on Orban’s schedule, an official trip to North Korea?



US Civil Defense


FLASH FLASH FLASH: US sends more B1-B Bombers to South Korea in response to North Koreas recent ballistic missile tests. Tensions are high as North Korea threatens South Korea after major war exercises they see as a threat!



Sky News


The US deployed supersonic bombers and fighter jets in response to recent missile tests carried out by North Korea.

                                                          this photo
                                                          provided by
                                                          South Korean
                                                          Ministry, two
                                                          U.S. Air Force
                                                          B-1B bombers,
                                                          top center,
                                                          South Korean
                                                          Air Force F-35
                                                          fighter jets
                                                          and US Air
                                                          Force F-16
                                                          fighter jets,
                                                          bottom left,
                                                          fly over South
                                                          during a joint
                                                          air drill in
                                                          South Korea,
                                                          Saturday, Nov.
                                                          19, 2022. The
                                                          United States
                                                          responded to a
                                                          North Korean
                                                          missile launch
                                                          by flying
                                                          bombers in a
                                                          show of force.

news.sky.com US deploys bombers in response to North Korea missile tests The show of strength came after Kim Jong Un oversaw the launch of a ballistic missile capable of reaching any part of US mainland. The leader

Al Jazeera English


North Korea has promised to ‘resolutely react’ to US threat of nuclear weapons use with its own nuclear capabilities



NCRI-FAC Retweeted

People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)


November 20 – #Iran College students boycotted their classes in support of the national uprising —Yazd University —Kharazmi Faculty of Psychology —Iran University of Science and Technology —Professors of Kurdistan University (Sanandaj) #IranRevolution2022 #اعتصابات_سراسری




Samira Ghaderi


Today at 4pm, Turkish military tweeted good luck to their soldiers as they prepared to annihilate the Kurds in Northern Syria. An hour later, Iran’s IRGC tweeted a prayer before declaring a full-on military operation against the Kurds in Iran. WHERE IS THE WORLD’S OUTCRY???




Iran International English


The streets of Mahabad in western Iran are packed with military vehicles, so much so that it seems martial law has been declared, videos obtained by




Eoghan Murphy


Christy Kinahan ‘is fixer for Iran military’

thetimes.co.uk Christy Kinahan ‘is fixer for Iran military’ Christy Kinahan, the criminal cartel member being sought by law enforcement agencies around the world, is helping Iran to procure military technology in defiance of international sanctions.Kina


China News Video



Putin news: US official warns China is ’embarrassed’ by Russia’s military operations | World | News #ChineseMilitary #MilitaryLife #MilitaryNews #Military #ChinaMilitary [Video]

asianewsvideo.com Putin news: US official warns China is ’embarrassed’ by Russia’s military operations | World | News… The Russian President has been hit by furious criticism from one of Russia’s closest global allies. =========

Illia Ponomarenko 



Like we’ve said — the Minsk-Moscow-Tehran Axis has been formed. And it is an immediate threat to global democracy.


Iran will help Russia build drones for Ukraine war, Western officials say

Moscow and Tehran have agreed on a plan to assemble Iranian-designed weapons on Russian soil.

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