Sunak’s Tories will be utterly routed if they try ‘Brexit in name only’, says NIGEL FARAGE. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing.

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Sunak’s Tories will be utterly routed if they try ‘Brexit in name only’, says NIGEL FARAGE

Unfortunately, Brexit is back as part of our national political debate.

By Nigel Farage – former Brexit Party leader – GB News presenter

16:15, Mon, Nov 21, 2022 | UPDATED: 17:23, Mon, Nov 21, 2022

Nigel Farage warns against Swiss-style deal

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The explosive news broke in the Sunday newspapers that the government is quietly contemplating a Swiss-style deal with the European Union in order to help frictionless trade and reach a solution with Northern Ireland. It has provoked some uproar. Many are now speculating today as to whether this proposed deal is true or untrue.

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All I can say is, looking at the track record, I won’t believe the denials that are given by Number 10.

After all, it was this party in the middle of 2018 that came back under Mrs May’s premiership with a Brexit “deal” that became known as BRINO – Brexit In Name Only.

So disgusted were Conservative and Brexit voters in the European elections of 2019m they crashed to 8 percent of the vote — the worst result in 200 years.

Are they in danger of making the same mistake again?

In many ways, BRINO was the worst of all worlds.

The very thought that our Conservative government could have considered it to be a reasonable option shows a total lack of confidence in our abilities as a nation to shape our own destiny and future.

One of the worst aspects of this proposed Swiss-style deal would be continuing in the form of regulatory alignment. Not only does that make us uncompetitive in terms of business around the world, it also hinders our ability to make our own trade deals with whomsoever we choose.

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‘If the government continues on their current course, those percentage figures will be reversed’ (Image: Getty)

An argument that is currently gaining ground is that if we are unable to benefit economically from Brexit, then we may just as well rejoin the single market.

That line of attack is growing daily and is to be seen across much of our mainstream media and from many of our politicians and public figures. They realise that large numbers of people who voted for Brexit in 2016 are now beginning to scratch their heads and ask what it’s all about.

The truth is, it’s not Brexit that has failed, but the Conservative government. They have blown an 80-seat majority and a massive opportunity for our country.

It could even be argued that the betrayal of Brexit is already well entrenched. There has been no significant business deregulation in the course of the last six years. Our fishing industry sees no benefit whatsoever.

Legal immigration continues to run at a huge rate, let alone the anger felt by a clear majority of the illegal Channel crossings.

The warped argument that Brexit is to blame for all our economic ills is now becoming mainstream and it is clear that the Conservative Party do not have the guts to stand up and fight for it.

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Government ministers can deny this latest story of betrayal all they like, but the signals are already there; and not just in terms of lack of delivery over the last six years. The key moment was the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor.

He is a globalist, a Remainer, left of centre social democrat, who last week put upon this country a budget that saw the biggest open attack on entrepreneurs and small businesses that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Taxes are going up and the state gets bigger with every year that passes. These are all ideal policies for those who think we should stay closely aligned to that monolithic block that has its capital in Brussels.

They may well think that as they did back under Theresa May, that they can get away with this huge change from all of the promises of the 2019 manifesto. All I can say is that they continue down this route, they are going to be completely and utterly routed.

It is worth noting that the Reform party are polling as high as 9 percent, and the Conservatives are down in some polls as low as 20 percent.

If the government continues on their current course, those percentage figures will be reversed very soon.

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