Sinn Fein: Mary Lou’s home constituency. The Tide can Turn just like Milk can Sour. Sinn Fein may be ahead in the polls but their self righteous bible thumping self confidence is being challenged by the people and many who would have supported Sinn Fein in the past. Mary Lou et al Give back money your party took from Dowdall … the inner city deserves this. The Hutch-Kinahan feud has stolen many young lives. Nobody should have blood money on their hands especially Sinn Fein.

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the painter flynn Retweeted

Gearóid Murphy


22nd November 2022

You’d think this would be an open goal for the usual FFG Fintans who love bashing Sinn Féin, but not a peep on Mary Lou getting booed by a massive crowd in her own constituency. Goes to show they’re all on the same globalist team. A united front against the people.

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Gearóid Murphy


21st November 2022

“Traitor” – Mary Lou McDonald, leader of Sinn Féin booed by #EastWall residents. They’re not happy with her party supporting state-funded plantation of unvetted male “fakugees” across the country while Irish elders go cold in their homes and our young flee the country in droves.

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