Man (36) tried to hit partner with a hatchet and repeatedly punched her in face? Just 3 Months, Jail, so much, for Protecting Women?

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The man, who was not named to protect his partner’s identity, was sentenced to three months at Dundalk District Court.

November 23 2022 11:39 AM

A 36-year-old man who repeatedly punched his partner in the face and attempted to hit her with a hatchet, has been sentenced to three months imprisonment.

The defendant has been in custody since the incident last September and an ‘in camera’ hearing was told that the DPP had directed summary disposal of the matter in the district court on a guilty plea only.

Sgt John O’Hehir presented evidence that on 20 September gardaí received a report of an assault at a house in Dundalk.

They spoke to the victim who said that her partner had been very abusive. He punched her multiple times in the face with a closed fist, causing her mouth to bleed.

He attempted to hit her with a hatchet.

There were photographs, but no medical report available, and the prosecuting officer said he had spoken to the victim and made her aware of the hearing, but she was not present.

The defendant had 28 previous convictions.

Solicitor Frank McDonnell described his client has as a ‘hapless individual of a low intellectual capacity’. He had a drug dependency.

The couple had two children together. The defendant had lost three members of his family and struggled with his mental health.

Tempers were lost on this night, and he wished it had never happened, Mr McDonnell continued. It was not typical of their relationship.

He had not been able to meet bail. His partner had facilitated child visits in custody.

The defendant missed his children and the injured party but won’t be able to return to the house when he gets out.

A three-month sentence was imposed on a charge of assault causing harm, backdated to 20 September.

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