Many People, are Asking, this Blog Tonight, and Last night, Why was Bailey, the Englishman, Meeting young Women, at 11 pm, in Bantry who he Did not Know, only by Chance, on TikTok, Social Media. Fucking Bizzare, anyway he Recovered Well?

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See the source image
See the source image

Ian Bailey to make formal complaint after alleged assault which left him ‘battered, bruised, bloody and aching’

2nd December 2022

Ian Bailey is to make a formal complaint to gardai after being allegedly assaulted by a male in Cork.

Ian Bailey leaving the High Court© Collins Courts

Mr Bailey said the assault – which came out of the blue – has left him “battered, bruised, bloody and aching,” after he was attacked and kicked in the head several times.

He claimed he was targeted in what he described like a scene from Irish television sitcom ‘The Young Offenders’ after meeting up with people he met via his social media Tik Tok account on Wednesday night.

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