Where now: back to Englisman Bailey. Again, the Media Junkie, Loves the Attention, now his Podcasts. What will he Hear, this Time, Bailey found Shergar??? The man keeps on Trucking?

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Ian Bailey is recording a podcast on Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder in West Cork

 4th December 2022

Ian Bailey has recorded a podcast that will detail his life before and after the murder of Frenchwoman Sophie Toscan du Plantier in West Cork in 1996.

An audio engineer is currently editing the first of four episodes of Ian Bailey: In his Own Words, which was recorded last Wednesday.

The journalist-turned-poet said he expects the “professionally produced” podcast will be released in stages, early in the new year.

“I would expect interest could be quite high, considering how much interest there was in the two documentaries that were released last year on Sky and Netflix. This is me, telling my own story, in my own words. It’s an audio autobiography,” he said.

“The first episode is about my early life in England and has been recorded. The second and third concern my life after I moved to Ireland, including the events leading up to and the aftermath of Christmas 1996.”

‘I expect the garda cold-case team will listen closely’

Ms Toscan du Plantier, a French filmmaker, was bludgeoned to death outside her holiday home near Schull in 1996, two days before Christmas.

Bailey was twice arrested in connection with her death but was never charged and has always maintained his innocence. There is a current renewed garda cold-case investigation into the mother-of-one’s unsolved murder.

The Englishman says he has written the script for episodes two and three of his podcast, and recording is due to continue this week or next.

He added that he will release the first podcast for free to “pique interest”, and there will likely be a monetary fee to listen to the remaining three episodes.

“It will focus on how I became the lead journalist reporting on the death of Ms Toscan du Plantier and everything that followed after that.

“I will be naming gardaí who were involved in the case — and yes, I expect the cold-case team will listen closely to what I have to say also.

“I’ve made it clear I am happy to be interviewed by them as part of their review — which I called for — but I’ve yet to hear from them.”

Meanwhile, it recently emerged that Bailey’s former partner Jules Thomas has issued legal proceedings against Netflix over its documentary series on the murder.

In relation to this, Bailey said he “fully supports” his former partner, and has even reached out to offer support in terms of providing her with correspondence he has, which might assist her legal action.

Ms Thomas is said to be unhappy with how she was depicted in Sophie: A Murder in West Cork and feels she was defamed.

“I fully support Jules. Her life was ruined over all this as well, and I will help in any way I can,” Bailey said.

In 2019 Bailey was found guilty of the murder after being tried in absentia by a court in France. He described the French case as a show trial designed to find him guilty.

In 2020 the High Court ruled he could not be extradited to France. It was the third time French authorities tried, and failed, to have him extradited,

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