Trump Org convicted in Gotham. Source: GZERO

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Trump Org convicted in Gotham

On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s real estate empire was found guilty of tax fraud and other financial crimes by the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, a victory for the New York attorney general who has long sought to nail the former president for alleged illegal business practices.

The Trump Organization was found guilty on all 17 counts, including charges that the company doled out expensive gifts to top execs who failed to pay taxes on them. The case was more or less locked after Allen Weisselberg, the organization’s former chief financial officer and a longtime Trump buddy, flipped for the prosecution in August in exchange for a significantly reduced jail sentence.

Importantly, Trump himself was not indicted in this case, though the prosecutor made several references to his alleged involvement in the scheme. Still, the former president isn’t out of the woods as he’s facing a slew of criminal investigations in other states as well as the ongoing Jan. 6 investigation.

Though this outcome is damning for Trump, it’s unlikely to have much impact on voters ahead of 2024 because most Americans have dug in their heels on the Trump issue, one way or another.

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