One has to Ask, is Varadkar, Fit to be Taoiseach? Leave Aside, Leo is Homosexual, No problem there, but Maybe, it is for many other Religions, and people, Again, many will Ask, Did Michael Collins, Die, for this Pink Flaunting, I Dont think so?

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Leo Varadkar declines to comment on viral nightclub video and says it’s a ‘personal matter’

Story by Ferghal Blaney 

7th December 2022

Leo Varadkar has declined to comment on a video showing him socialising in a nightclub that has gone viral on the internet.

Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Leo Varadkar©

The video sparked a flood of comment and debate online, however, the Tánaiste described it as a “personal matter” which related to his private life and so was separate from his professional life as a politician.

Enterprise Minister Varadkar was appearing at a press launch for his department’s future plans for a more ‘Green and digital’ economy on Wednesday afternoon.each

At this event, the Irish Mirror asked Mr Varadkar if he wished to condemn the gross intrusion of his privacy that saw a stranger film him in a nightclub.

The Mirror understands the filming took place at a gay night in a popular Dublin city centre club last Saturday night.

We also asked the Tánaiste if he felt this intense level of scrutiny politicians are now under was out of order and if he believed it only worked to discourage people from coming forward to serve in public office.

Mr Varadkar said in response: “I think it’s very much a personal matter and as you say it does relate entirely to my private life and for those reasons I don’t want to comment on it.”

Mr Varadkar is currently the Tánaiste, number two in Government, but he is due to take over the top job as Taoiseach in less than two weeks’ time.

This is not the first time Mr Varadkar’s private life has hit the headlines.

A picture of the country’s most famous politician socialising with friends in Phoenix Park in May 2020 during Covid sent social media into meltdown.

The Taoiseach of the day was pictured topless on a sunny day having a picnic with friends, including his partner, Dr Matt Barrett.

There were official warnings against events like picnics at the time, but Mr Varadkar insisted he was careful not to break any lockdown rules around social distancing etc.

Mr Varadkar had been staying in Steward’s Lodge, the official Taoiseach’s residence, on the grounds of Farmleigh House at the time.

The then Taoiseach stayed there at different times between May and July 2020 – including for eight nights after Micheál Martin became Taoiseach on June 27th.

Taoisigh are charged €50 per night when they use Steward’s Lodge.

Mr Varadkar was charged €1,900 for his 38-night stay.

Micheál Martin has not used the house since becoming Taoiseach.

On another occasion during Covid, in September last year, Mr Varadkar was snapped at a music festival in London, something he couldn’t have done in Ireland at the time as outdoor events were still limited to a maximum attendance of 200 people.

Mr Varadkar is a big Kylie Minogue fan and was so excited about seeing her in concert here in April 2019 that he wrote a letter to her.

Using Government-headed paper, the Taoiseach said he was a “huge fan” and asked if he could meet her personally before her gig.

And in October 2019 Mr Varadkar told reporters how much he was looking forward to attending rock superstar Cher’s concert in the 3 Arena.

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