All out, Gangland War, in Finglas? They want Mr Flashy, Dead? And these Gunmen, wont Stop, they have Fuck all, Fear of Gardai?

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Mr Flashy ally gun attack gang ‘won’t stop until they kill their targets’

‘They want him and Flashy dead. They will keep going until that happens’

10th December 2022

A pixelated image of 'Mr Flashy'
A pixelated image of ‘Mr Flashy’

The gang behind the gun attack on a key ally of mob boss Mr Flashy are already planning another bid on his life, it is feared.

Sources have told The Star that gardai now believe associates of slain rival James ‘Wheela’ Whelan were behind Monday’s murder bid in north Dublin.

“They will regroup and in a few weeks or months will go after him again,” one source said last night.

“They want him and Flashy dead. They will keep going until that happens.”

Sources say gardai are now satisfied Monday’s attack in Finglas — in which their victim was shot in the hand and buttocks after he was ambushed in a taxi — was linked to the murder of Whelan earlier this year.

Whelan, 29, was shot dead by an associate of Flashy — who runs one of the most dangerous drugs gangs in Dublin — in Finglas in April.


James Whelan
Murder victim James Whelan

Whelan, who was a former associate of Flashy but later became involved in a vicious feud with his drugs gang, was shot after he petrol-bombed a property connected to his enemy in Finglas early in the morning of April 3.

Whelan carried out that attack in revenge for a house linked to an associate of his was shot up hours earlier.

Sources say Whelan was seen by Flashy’s men when he carried out the petrol bomb attack and at least one of them chased him.

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