A Lot of Gangland Bounty Money, on the Head, of James Nellie Walsh?

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Gangland thug James ‘Nellie’ Walsh has €200k bounty slapped on head after cheating death in brazen gun attac

  • Published: 8:00, 11 Dec 2022

GANGLAND thug James ‘Nellie’ Walsh has a €200,000 bounty slapped on his head, The Irish Sun on Sunday can reveal.

Walsh cheated death this week after a gunman opened fire outside a house in Co ­Carlow on Monday evening.

Walsh's gang has vowed to hit back and target innocent relatives of the mob trying to kill him
Walsh’s gang has vowed to hit back and target innocent relatives of the mob trying to kill himCredit: Collect
Garda at the scene of October attack in Tallaght
Garda at the scene of October attack in TallaghtCredit: Collins Photos

Gardai believe the gangster — who is locked in a vicious feud involving Kinahan cartel mobster Peadar Keating — was set up by someone he trusted after going to buy a car from an innocent seller.

That hit attempt came just weeks after he escaped uninjured in a brazen machine gun attack in Tallaght, Dublin. Walsh is believed to be at the centre of a number of disputes, including one with cartel associates.

The thug, who was only released from jail last July, subsequently fled the capital to a small village in Wexford, where he has openly mixed with locals.

Nellie’s gang have now vowed to hit back and target innocent relatives of the mob trying to kill him.

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A source said: “Nellie was set up by someone he knows and thought he could trust. They did time together in the past in jail.

“There is a €200,000 price on his head, which is a huge sum of money. He thought he’d be safe after fleeing Dublin. He thought wrong.”

They added: “There is a real fear innocent relatives of those involved could be targeted now”.

Sources believe associates close to Keating, 41, are responsible for the latest gun attack.

The thug — described in court as a “senior member of the cartel” — is doing an 11-year stretch after admitting to directing the activities of a criminal gang involved in the failed attempt on Hutch associate James ‘Mago’ Gately in 2017.

Nellie served eight years for a botched hit on Fat Freddie Thompson’s former pal Michael Frazer in Clondalkin in 2014.

But Walsh also shot himself in the foot during the attack before he was later arrested by Gardai.

During his time in prison, he was assaulted by members of the Kinahan cartel over his feud with Keating’s associates. While inside, Walsh vowed revenge on his enemies.

His feud with Keating began in 2012 when his own gang was accused of trying to muscle in on the drugs trade in west Dublin. It spiralled out of control, leading to at least four murders.


The shooting of Walsh came on a night of gangland mayhem on ­Monday — as three simmering feuds exploded.

Drug dealer Cormac Berkeley, 37, was gunned down outside his house at Harelawn Park in Clondalkin.

Berkeley, who was caged for three years in 2013 for dealing heroin, was involved in a gangland feud in the Tallaght area and knew that his life was under threat.

The thug was also close pals with slain gangster Gary Carey, 41, who was shot dead in the underground car park at the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham on June 24.

Gardai are now probing if Carey’s killers whacked Berkeley too.

On the other side of the Liffey, gardai in Blanchardstown fear an escalation of the war involving Mr Flashy. A close associate of his was struck in the arm and backside after a gun attack in Finglas, also on Monday night.

Gardai believe associates of slain rival James ‘Wheela’ Whelan were behind Monday’s murder bid.

Thug Peadar Keating is locked in a vicious feud with 'Nellie'
Thug Peadar Keating is locked in a vicious feud with ‘Nellie’
Fat Freddie Thompson
Fat Freddie ThompsonCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

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