The Little’s have Little left, Gucci Gang Feud?

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Slain Dublin gangster Sean Little’s cash, car and ‘luxury items’ seized by CAB

His parents Stephen and Bernadette had made a claim over one asset, but the case has now been settled

11th December 2022

The assets of gangster Sean Little have been targeted by the Criminal Assets Bureau after his murder in the lethal Gucci Gang feud.

A car, cash and ‘luxury items’ were seized by CAB which sought a court order this week to take possession of the property believed to be the proceeds of crime.

His parents Stephen and Bernadette had made a claim over one asset, but the case has now been settled, it was heard in court.

They had been named respondents in the case as the next-of-kin of the slain gangster.

Little, who was shot dead in May 2019, was described in the CAB case as “an active participant” in an organised crime gang supplying drugs in north Dublin.

He had a job with a sheet metal company which the Bureau Chief Officer Michael Gubbins said was “a front” to allow him to launder the proceeds of crime.

He had “access to significant sums of cash which were unaccounted for” which allowed him to buy multiple vehicles and luxury goods.

While he bought cars and other luxury items the purchases weren’t seen in his bank account activity, thanks to access to “unaccounted for wealth.”

They also uncovered evidence of “extensive travelling”, but the bank records did not match with flight records from Aer Lingus and Ryanair.

Judge Alex Owens granted CAB’s application to the High Court and adjourned the case.

Stephen Little is currently serving a six-year-sentence after he was caught with a loaded gun on the way to avenge his son’s death

He told arresting gardaí: “Why didn’t you let it go another hour? Had you given me another hour I would have killed the b*****d that killed him.”

“I lost my marriage and my son.”

He had been under surveillance by the Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau in the months following his son’s murder.

A semi-automatic pistol, two balaclavas, two baseball hats, mobile phones, gloves, a can of petrol and a lighter were found in the car he was travelling in.

The trial judge said Little and his co-accused were involved in serious and organised crime and the “timely intervention” of gardaí had prevented serious harm or death.

The murder of Sean Little came at the peak of the Coolock feud involving the mob boss known as Mr Flashy.

Little was one of three men killed in a week in May 2019, including one outside his home when he was being waked before his funeral.

The 22-year-old was found shot dead in a burnt-out car near Balbriggan, north Co Dublin, in a murder his associates blamed on Kinahan Cartel-linked gunman Caolan Smyth.

The following day his pal Jordan Davis (22) was shot in the head by a lone gunman as he pushed his baby son in a pram near his home in Darndale, north Dublin.

Tallaght man Wayne Cooney (31) was convicted of that murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Hamid Sanambar
Hamid Sanambar

A few days later as people gathered at the Little family home in Coolock Iranian national Hamid Sanambar was killed outside when he came to offer condolences.

The murderous feud had kicked off with the assassination of drug dealer Zach Parker (23) shot dead as he left a gym in Swords, north Dublin.

Parker was regarded as an up-and-coming drug dealer on the city’s northside and was an associate of a gang led by the notorious Finglas criminal known as ‘Mr Flashy.’

It is believed that Parker’s own associates may have been responsible for the killing over a €200,000 drugs debt owed to the Kinahan Cartel.

The shooting dead of Eoin Boylan (22) in December 2019 was also linked to the same feud as various gangs fractured and vied for control.

Another CAB investigation previously revealed the link between the Kinahan Cartel’s top man in Ireland, Ross Browning and the Gucci Gang led by Mr Flashy.

The case detailed how one of Browning’s closest associates, convicted drug mule Ian O’Heaire, acted as a go between with the Gucci Gang.

CAB say O’Heaire was used to buy a property at the centre of the case, which saw the bureau go after €1.7m of assets tied to senior Kinahan mobster Browning.

CAB are seeking to seize a range of assets, including two properties, plots of land, cars, jewellery and luxury watches it claims were bought with money from Browning.

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