This Foreign Sexual Pervert, is a Danger to Women, Mikelaitis, should get Jail, and then Deported?

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Drunk man found guilty of sexual assault on teen he accosted at Westmeath train station

Kornelius Mikelaitis (25) denied he put his hand between the 19-year-old’s legs just minutes after asking her for directions

Kornelius Mikelaitis
Kornelius Mikelaitis

13th December 2022

A woman told how she froze and went into shock as a drunken man harassed and sexually assaulted her in broad daylight outside a train station.

This week a jury found Kornelius Mikelaitis (25) guilty of sexual assault after he denied he put his hand between the 19-year-old’s legs just minutes after asking her for directions.

The sex-pest’s victim took the stand this week to tell how she was shocked and froze during the incident and felt unable to call for help.

She said Mikelaitis had blocked her way and hugged and kissed her arm despite her telling him to stop after getting off a train at Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, came to an end when her boyfriend’s mother arrived in her car and intervened, getting the 19-year-old away from him.

The young woman recovered enough to take a photo of her assailant on her mobile phone and the gardaí were immediately alerted.

Kornelius Mikelaitis
Kornelius Mikelaitis

Mikelaitis who was carrying an orange shopping bag and a camouflage back-pack was quickly spotted by officers and arrested a few hundred metres away.

The young woman explained at Mullingar Circuit Court this week how the assault happened after she got off the train where Mikelaitis stood aside as she left the station.

He then asked for directions to somewhere he could get a wifi signal and she told him how to get to a local coffee shop.

He then started telling her she had “beautiful eyes” and “came into my personal space” as he stood in front of her.

“I felt scared, that I wasn’t safe anymore,” she said.

He grabbed her arm and also knelt down in front of her during which he put his hand between her legs.

Her boyfriend’s mum said when she arrived she saw the victim “frozen to the spot” as she stood against the wall.

She told Mikelaitis to get away from her and he began to apologise.

The woman described how the younger woman was “very distressed” and said she didn’t know what do.

When Mikelaitis was initially arrested a short time later he refused to give his surname and appeared drunk, according to garda evidence in court.

He told the arresting officer: “I gave her a hug – I think she felt threatened.”

In court Mikelaitis admitted he was acting weird and when he pulled the strings on her track suit bottoms he was just “dancing”.

He said when the second woman arrived, he realised “something was not right” and thought he had been “chatting her up.”

“I came across weird, I wasn’t aware she felt uncomfortable,” he said and that he had drunk over a half bottle of vodka after arriving from London that day.

Asked by the prosecution counsel why he pulled on the strings of her tracksuit bottoms he said: “I think I was dancing at the time.”

He said the allegation he had put his hand between her legs was “completely a lie, it didn’t happen.”

However, jury found him guilty of sexual assault and the 25-year-old Lithuanian, with an address in Co Wicklow, was remanded on bail by Judge Keenan Johnson to a later for a probation report and Victim Impact Statement.

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