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Happy Holidays to all, with warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  HREC Education is grateful for your readership and participation. We thank you for all you do as educators, administrators, scholars, students and community members to spread knowledge about and to teach the Holodomor in your schools, libraries, museums and community organizations. You all make a difference.  Every day in Ukraine, educational institutions are targets of the Kremlin’s aggression. Education and culture are not things one can do without in a time of war. Tyrants who occupy other countries try to extinguish the culture that was previously there because a nation of people robbed of its identity is easier to dominate. That is why stressing the importance of culture, education, and history matters. When actions are taken to destroy identity, education and culture become that much more important to the history and vision of a society. For over 50 years, occupants denied, covered up and ignored the Holodomor. That is why what is taught in today’s classrooms will resonate throughout future history.

During this festive season from November to mid-January, as we celebrate 30 holidays by the 7 major world religions, may the journeys from darkness into light bring peace. May you find renewal in rest, and may love and joy find you. PEACE AND LIGHT TO ALL THIS SEASON! VISIT HREC EDUCATION New and Upcoming Holodomor Stories: Recent Reads for Schools Webinar Series HREC Education presents a free webinar series of dynamic talks with authors of middle-grade and young adult fiction featuring recently published novels relating to the Holodomor, from Fall of 2022 into Fall of 2023.

Our next webinar is on Thursday March 2, 2023 at 7:30 PM EST when author Carola Schmidt talks about her beautifully illustrated–by Anita Barghigiani–and heartwarming children’s storybook, Tell Me A Story Babushka (2nd Ed).
View recorded and upcoming webinars>> Holodomor Heroes: GARETH JONES, a NEW Resource Basic Fact Sheet on Welsh journalist and “Hero of Ukraine” Gareth Jones, the first western journalist to describe the Holodomor as a planned act of terror and mass starvation.

View Holodomor Hero Gareth Jones Fact Sheet >> 2023 HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development Are you teaching or have written a stand alone lesson plan about the Holodomor, at any grade level, that you are proud of? Know an educator who has? The HREC Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development is awarded annually for innovative, creative and interactive lessons for grades K-12 that develop critical thinking skills while addressing the topic of the Holodomor. We’d love to hear from you!

View 2023 HREC Educator Award deadline and download application form >> Find us online Follow us on Facebook and Twitter view this email in your browser
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