Russian rape gangs who attacked Ukraine children as young as four targeted by prosecutors. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing

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Russian rape gangs who attacked Ukraine children as young as four targeted by prosecutors

(GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING) Campaigners shared harrowing details of attacks on innocent civilians as they vowed to bring Vladimir Putin’s out-of-control troops to justice.

By Ciaran McGrath

17:39, Thu, Dec 15, 2022 | UPDATED: 17:42, Thu, Dec 15, 2022

Ukraine: Russian soldiers may ‘freeze to death’ in winter says Clarke

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Russian soldiers have raped children as young as four, and grandparents as old as 85, in a horrific campaign of sexual abuse since the start of Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, campaigners have warned. And with mounting evidence suggesting troops – including registered sex offenders – are systematically using sexual violence against women, men and children in the country, a groundbreaking new project is aiming to bring those responsible to justice.

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The Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team, launched by international human rights law firm and foundation, Global Rights Compliance, consists of international and Ukrainian leading prosecutors and investigators who can be deployed rapidly through the country to assist Ukraine’s investigators and prosecutors.

They will advise and support the documentation, investigation and prosecution of rape and other horrific abuse committed by Russian soldiers.  

Wayne Jordash KC, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Global Rights Compliance, explained: “Putin’s forces are committing sexual violence crimes on a widespread scale.

“The evidence shows that Russian commanders are acquiescing, encouraging, and even ordering these sexual violence crimes. 

Russia rape Ukraine

Russian soldiers have been accused of systematically raping Ukrainian civilians (Image: GETTY)

Russia's President Putin In Bishkek For The Eurasian Economic Union Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Image: Getty)

The pattern of rape and other acts of sexual violence against innocent Ukrainian women, men and children suggests a desire to humiliate and terrorise civilians. Consistent with Putin and his forces stated attempt to strip a nation of its human and national identity, the crimes seem to be a deliberate attack on the very fabric of Ukraine’s society.”

Mr Jordash, who has been helping Ukraine investigate criminal activity under Russian occupation since 2015, added: “The formation of the Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team is intended as another tool for the Ukrainian justice system to use to seek justice for Ukrainian survivors.

“Working at the behest of the Ukrainian authorities, we will work to ensure that those who suffer these terrible crimes are supported and that Putin’s men are brought to account.”  

The team’s formation comes against a backdrop of mounting concerns that the documented ‘patterns’ of rape and sexual violence inflicted on illegally occupied peoples across Ukraine speaks to pre-planning on a more systematic level.

Evidence is emerging that children as young as four and grandparents as old as 85 have been subjected to rape and horrific sexual violence, according to Global Rights Compliance researchers.

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