This Bastard, needs to be Caught, Urgently?

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Van driver attempted to ‘abduct’ young boy in Dublin 4

Story by Claire Hyland 

15th December 2022

Gardai are investigating a terrifying incident in Dublin where a young boy was allegedly stopped in the middle of the street by a man who attempted to lure him into their van.

The potential kidnapping attempt occurred in the middle of the day when the boy was walking along Bath Avenue in Sandymount on Monday afternoon at around 3pm.

It’s believed that he was walking home from a nearby school at the time of the incident.

Thankfully, the child was unharmed and ran towards his home.

The matter was subsequently reported to the Irishtown Garda Station and is now being investigated by the Donnybrook.

A police statement reads: ‘Gardai in Donnybrook are investigating an alleged incident of an approach to a child that occurred on Bath Avenue, Dublin 4 on Monday, December 12 at approximately 3pm.

A garda source has told the Irish Times that the news of the possible abduction attempt had caused distress in the area.

They have been collecting CCTV footage that was recorded around Bath Avenue and O’Connell Gardens at the time the boy was allegedly approached.

The guards remain hopeful that the footage along with the boy’s testimony may help them find the man and determine what happened.

Investigations are ongoing.

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