December 19th, 2022 Tweets to engage people that this Russian war is one of conquest (in the words of Archbishop Welby). There is a bridge made up of small crosses, each representing a Ukrainian person who had died at the hands of the aggressor. Take a little time to watch the videos … it is a war in real time and we are all involved.

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World but especially Ireland wishes Ukraine Peace.  Many Irish fought in WW1, while there was a Rising at home for the independence of our country.


Володимир Зеленський


Ukraine government official

Вчора, спілкуючись, згадали про цінності, які поділяємо ми та наші країни. А ще обговорили подальшу фінансову й безпекову допомогу Україні, зусилля з розмінування тощо. Із кожним днем і кожною розмовою наше партнерство міцнішає.  

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Justin Trudeau


Dec 16

Officiel du gouvernement – Canada

In our call yesterday, @ZelenskyyUa and I spoke about the values that we – and our countries – share. We also discussed further financial and security assistance for Ukraine, demining efforts, and more. With each day and every conversation, our partnership grows stronge

Francis Scarr


The “merchant of death” Viktor Bout’s tour of Russian state TV studios goes on He refuses to tell Channel One what he said to his wife after seeing her for the first time since being swapped for Brittney Griner “It was very intimate. It’s between us”


Francis Scarr


Never mind the “existential threat” posed by the “satanic” West, this propaganda video tells Russian men the real reason why they should sign up to fight in Ukraine: so they can buy their teenage daughter a new smartphone


Visegrád 24


Ukrainian soldiers photographed during training in the UK. 



The Moscow Times


Moscow said its air defense systems have shot down four U.S.-made missiles over a southern Russian region bordering Ukraine, in one of its first such claims in nearly 10 months of fighting. Ukraine War: As It’s Happening


The Moscow Times


#OpEd The divide is forming around one key question: what to do if Russia loses this war. Practically all representatives of the elite are coming to the conclusion that that is what will happen if nothing changes, writes Tatiana Stanovaya. The Schism in Russia’s Elite Is Only Growing as Defeats Pile Up in Ukraine Opinion | There was already talk of a possible split within the Russian elite two months ago, after Russia’s hurried retreat from Ukraine’s

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this morning on the BBC putting


to shame. “ ideology is an ideology of conquest” “You can’t talk about reconciliation when the guns are firing” “The way forward is withdrawal by ”


Euromaidan Press


Today is St. Nicholas Day in Ukraine. Dear Saint Nicholas! This year I wanted to ask you to bring me a bicycle, but I’m not at home anymore, so you probably won’t find me. That’s why I’m asking you to bring some superpowers for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. (cont’d)



Ukrainian Community in Ireland Retweeted




used his first full day in office to meet with families and individuals displaced by the war in Ukraine. The Taoiseach met with them during a Christmas lunch put on in Vicar Street, Dublin.

Taoiseach Leo
                                              Varadkar is welcomed
                                              outside Vicar Street by
                                              owner Harry Crosbie.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
                                          stands beside four Ukrainian
                                          children sitting in a model
                                          car at Vicar Street.


Ukrainian Community in Ireland


Christmas issue of the Polish


magazine has an incredibly poignant cover 


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