How the Fuck, are these Foreigners, Getting, into Ireland, to Abuse the Gardai, ?

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Angry driver who ranted and made drunken claim garda was following him is banned for five years

 19th December 2022

A driver started ranting at gardaí that they were following him after they tried to stop him on suspicion of drink driving, a court heard.

Robert Dolinski (38) tried to ring his lawyer and refused to give gardaí his details.

Judge Dermot Dempsey fined Dolinski €700, disqualified him from driving for five years and imposed a three-month sentence.

The defendant, of Cedar Grove, Ridgewood in Swords, admitted possession of a knife and drink driving.

Garda Frank McGrath told Swords District Court he was on patrol on Malahide Road in Swords shortly before 6pm on April 25, 2022 when a grey Honda Accord appeared to accelerate past the patrol car.

Gda McGrath said Dolinski skidded around the Pavilions roundabout. Officers indicated for him to pull over but he did not. However, he got stuck in traffic and was forced to stop. Gda McGrath said Dolinski was irate, and ranting that gardaí were following him.

He refused to give gardaí his name or address, but he rang his solicitor and gardaí found out his name when he gave it to his solicitor’s secretary.

Dolinski’s car was searched and a kitchen knife was found under a seat. He provided a blood sample to gardaí, which gave a reading of 142mgs of alcohol per 100mls of blood.

Solicitor Fiona D’Arcy said Dolinski was living in his car at the time and had the knife for fishing.

She said Dolinski’s life had fallen apart and he’d lost his partner, home and job.

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