Murtagh is a Cold Evil, Killer, and a Danger to all Women, Bless the Lott Family, this Xmas, Rest in Peace, Nadine?

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Nadine’s suffering haunts me every day – Christmas is harrowing and devil killer should never be freed, says David Lott

  • Published: 7:00, 19 Dec 2022

THE heartbroken dad of Nadine Lott has revealed how he is still “haunted” by his daughter’s brutal murder.

And David Lott branded killer Daniel Murtagh as “depraved and pure evil” for inflicting a shocking SIXTY FOUR injuries on his defenceless daughter during a sadistic attack this time three years ago.

David Lott told of his pain after the murder of his daughter Nadine Lott
David Lott told of his pain after the murder of his daughter Nadine LottCredit: Padraig O’Reilly -The Sun Dublin
Nadine's devastated dad told how her killer will always be a danger to women across Ireland
Nadine’s devastated dad told how her killer will always be a danger to women across Ireland
Daniel Murtagh has appealed his conviction for Nadine's murder
Daniel Murtagh has appealed his conviction for Nadine’s murder

Nadine was just thirty when she was targeted in a “sustained and unprovoked monstrous attack” by her short-term former partner at her home in Arklow, Co Wicklow, on December 13, 2019.

Murtagh – classified by Irish Prison officers as a “horrible and despicable b******”  – committed the appalling crime in front of Nadine’s then six-year-old daughter Kya.

Although she tried to defend herself from barbaric assault, she lost her brave fight for life four days later surrounded by her loving family.

And speaking exclusively to the Irish Sun on the third anniversary of the callous murder, Nadine’s father told how his family have endured “daily pain” since the mother-of-one’s killing.

Monster who took my girl should spend life in jail, says Nadine Lott's mum

Mr Lott said: “What Nadine suffered is incomprehensible – only an individual with evil pumping through their veins could have committed such a barbaric crime.

“How can the monster who inflicted such devastating injuries on a defenceless woman and left her to die be ever set free to walk the streets of Ireland again?

“What he did that night was truly sick and disgusting – he is the devil and the injuries he inflicted on my beautiful daughter haunt our minds every day.

“Her suffering haunts our every breathing moment and the future she dreamed about was destroyed by this repulsive monster..

“No words can adequately describe the ongoing pain. December and Christmas are especially harrowing for us as a family and would be unbearable for us but for our precious granddaughter Kya, Nadine’s little angel.”

Nadine’s dad also revealed his anguish during the coward’s trial for Nadine’s murder last year.

The grieving dad said: “The trial that this animal made us sit through only further demonstrates his sick mentality and lack of remorse for the torture, pain and terror he inflicted on Nadine.

“The State Pathologist had to spend two hours in the witness box listing the injuries on Nadine’s tiny body by this monster.

“We had to sit there and listen to the most grotesque injuries in detail and no remorse whatsoever was shown throughout the whole process.

“After we listened to those harrowing details in court he was able to wave to his family and friends and tell them he loved them and have the love gestures reciprocated with promises of calls later.

“The pain and anguish this caused our family and Nadine’s friends cannot be imagined as we will never get a chance again to look at Nadine and tell her how much we loved her or that we will call her.

“All of this of course done out of earshot of the judge and jury – his act then changed when they entered the courtroom – he was on his stage.”

Nadine’s devastated dad also told how Murtagh will always be a danger to women across Ireland, adding: “How could any woman feel safe when there is a potential that such evil could ever walk free again.

“The ability to walk free should have been removed from him on the day he was unanimously found guilty and convicted of murder.

“He received a life sentence but not true life though as the average incarceration seen within a life conviction served is currently at eighteen years – that is not enough.

“We, Nadine’s family and friends are left to suffer through the real life sentence – not the vile monster who committed the evilest of crime when he murdered a mother in the presence of her baby daughter.

“Why should he be allowed to walk back to his family? Nadine will never walk back to us.

“I firmly believe that life should mean life when it comes to extreme murders.

“If you look at the Sarah Everard case in the UK, the judge was able to impose a full life sentence but we don’t have that option in Ireland and that is wrong.”


David also added: “It’s unbelievable to think the monster who took our Nadine’s life can apply for parole after twelve years.

“The average life sentence in Ireland is eighteen years and if this monster walks free after eighteen years I think he will kill again.

“Do the legislators feel it is ok that we have this timebomb in our heads that is ticking to the day when we hear he is going to be released or even that we are currently in the midst of his appeal application against his conviction for murder.

“Do legislators not think if there was a whole life sentence issued for such crimes it might act as a deterrent to avoid such heinous crimes against men, women and children?

“Why should we suffer again and this monster be set free at a young age? We are the victims and yet the legislators see fit that this monster gets a second chance at life and living again – Nadine gets no second chance.”

Nadine’s devastated dad also paid tribute to his daughter describing her as a “remarkable woman”.

He added: “Nadine’s physical absence is the hardest thing for me.

“I miss her smile, her energy, her humour and the way she would say certain phrases or do things in her own inimitable way.

“It’s hard to explain how charismatic and infectious a person Nadine was – one big smile and a big hello was all you needed to cheer you up.

“Nadine would light up a room when she walked in and people loved being in her company. She was so sensitive and caring and would always see the good in people.

“Not a single day goes by where we don’t think of Nadine – she is with us 24/7.”

He also said: “One aspect of her great legacy is the extraordinary impact she had on people throughout her short life.

“The outpouring of emotion and grief by the local Arklow community and beyond in the aftermath of her death demonstrated her legacy.

“The massive crowds who attended the vigil, her funeral and the mural shows just how special she was.

“We as a family would again like to thank her friends, the community of Arklow and beyond for their continuing support for us. In hindsight, this community support was of great comfort to us as it was a manifestation of how much Nadine was respected and loved by all who knew her best.”

As his family continue to struggle with Nadine’s loss, Murtagh has caused further anguish to her family by appealing his conviction for one of the most brutal murders in recent times.

(L to R) - Tanith Lott, Kyle Lott and Nadine Lott
(L to R) – Tanith Lott, Kyle Lott and Nadine LottCredit: Padraig O’Reilly – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin
Nadine Lott with her sister Phoebe and brother Kyle
Nadine Lott with her sister Phoebe and brother Kyle

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