We Say to Chief Supt Glacken, you may have, put a Dent, in the Drug Gang’s, Armoury, but this Sligo Gang, are far from Closed Down, the towns, in the West of Ireland, are Sinking in Drugs? Parents and Grandparents, are still, paying Drug Debts, to Dealers, to Protect their, Sons and Daughters. Tell the Facts, not the PR Bullshit?

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Garda chief says they have smashed a crime gang operating in the West of Ireland

This year, drug seizures in County Sligo amounted to €251,706 and cash seizures arising from these total €99,355.

Stephen HollandSligo Champion

21st December 2022

An Garda Síochána believe they have dismantled an organised crime gang operating into the Sligo/Leitrim division.

Chief Superintendent Aidan Glacken revealed this at a Joint Policing Committee meeting on Friday at County Halll in Sligo and highlighted that 14 people who have been arrested and detained in relation to organised crime.

He outlined a person has been charged with the offence of directing a criminal organisation, only the second time such a charge has been brought before the courts in Ireland, and two people charged with offence of enhancing the ability of a criminal organisation, money laundering offences, and criminal damage.

He said that two people have been charged with possession of articles used in connection with drug traffic offences, one person has been charged with offences contrary to Firearms Acts, and that eight files are in the course of preparation and submission to the Director of Public Prosecution.

This year, drug seizures in County Sligo amounted to €251,706 and cash seizures arising from these total €99,355.

Chief Supt Glacken also stated that in Sligo-Ballymote area burglaries are down 11% from 80 to 71, detection of those driving vehicles while intoxicated are up 15% from 66 to 76, criminal damage incidents are down 20% from 236 to 202, and MAT checkpoints are up 86% from 855 to 1589.

Outlining the ongoing community work of the Sligo/Leitrim division, Chief Supt Glacken spoke of the different community projects and collaborative projects they have been involved in throughout the year.

He highlighted the 12 property marking events that have been held throughout 2022 and stated they launched the Roads Policing Winter Action Plan at the beginning of November.

This aimed to raise awareness of road safety and ‘lifesaver offences’, such as intoxicated driving, speeding, the use of mobile phones and seatbelt offences.

Community police and crime prevention officers also visited a number of elderly and vulnerable people through November and December to promote their ‘Lock Up and Light Up’ anti-burglary awareness campaign.

Chief Supt Glacken stressed the benefits of the three community workshops held across Sligo which sought feedback from the local community to help develop their strategic plans for 2023.

Work with agencies such as the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service (DVAS) and the Children and Young People’s Services Committees (CYPSC) have been ongoing, resulting in the 16 Days of Action Awareness Against Gender Violence, as well as ensuring that all those who report instances of domestic violence are given a DVAS information booklet and that there is a seven-day call back.

Regarding cybercrime, gardaí have provided talks to 200 students from 1st to 3rd year in the Ursuline College regarding cyberbullying and online communication.

While Chief Supt Glacksen described online behaviour and issues of consent as ‘societal issues’ he stated it is important that all organisations work together to tackle ‘sexploitation’ and what is considered culturally normal and acceptable within society.

Highlighting the issue of visibility and low recruitment levels of gardaí, Chief Supt Glacken said that this is an ongoing issue but it is important to recognise the unseen work that goes on behind the scenes.

“For example, we spent 10,000 man hours this year on one crime, there was 1,000 hours spent on going through CCTV which takes time,” he said.

“There is a lot of back office work being done, there’s the dismantling of organised criminal gangs which has a ripple effect for society

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